Petmate Crazy Circle – Product Review

Crazy Circle and Trigg
Crazy Circle and Trigg

You might have read our blog post about Petmate sending us a bunch of products to test.  Today, we’re covering one of those products – the Petmate Crazy Circle.

The Crazy Circle, as you can see in the photo with Trigg is a hollowed rounded plastic tube that contains a ping pong like ball and then also has a lot of holes with slots for their paws.

Of course, as they hit the ball around and around it spins around in the tube making a fun noise that attracts your kitty to keep on playing!

Charlie and Trigg were immediately attracted to it when I pulled it out of the box and played with it for a long time afterwards.

If I interact with them and get it going, then they will continue to play with it – and sometimes when I am fixing dinner, they will too play with it. 

Charlie and Trigg and the Crazy Circle
Charlie and Trigg and the Crazy Circle

I also brought it over to a friends’ house when I was “cat sitting” and had her polydactyl cat, Diablo try it out.

Below is a video I shot of Diablo playing with the Crazy Circle:

You can buy the Petmate Crazy Circle on for $9.09.

The Petmate Crazy Circle is Diablo approved!

Diablo and the Crazy Circle
Diablo and the Crazy Circle

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3 thoughts on “Petmate Crazy Circle – Product Review

  1. Coinneach Fitzpatrick says:

    We’ve had one of those for years. Charlie likes it, but our Persian, Maisy, *loves* it. She and I will play ping pong with it for an hour at a time.

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