Petbo: Designer Playhouses for Cats

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Through months of continues testing and step-by-step improvements Petbo founders have created the purrfect playhouse for cats, but they need your help to bring the product to production.

petbo Designer Cat HousesPetbo: Designer Playhouses for Cats are spacious enough for them to play and move around in. But at the same time, it is secluded and cozy for long naps and ensures a sense of comfort and security.

Research has shown that cats need dark small places where they can squeeze themselves in and be untouchable for the rest of the world. Sounds simple, but still there are not many who address this precise need. Our precious furry friends need a proper hiding place and their personal observatory from where they can peek out.

All playhouses are equipped with a scratchboard. It is made of a very resistant cardboard, which is warm and soft to sleep on.

Most importantly the playhouses have beautiful prints to accessorize any home. Kitty furniture can look and should look stylish and neat. It will be part of your interior design after all.

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Petbo Pet House for Cats

Petbo Pet House

Petbo Playhouses for Cats

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