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Hercules, a Ragdoll RescueWhether you are looking to rescue a kitty from another state or if you are looking to help a kitty get to their new home, you may be curious to know more about Pet Rescue and Transportation Groups. Amanda, a Floppycats’ reader, spoke about two groups the other day on a Facebook post and I wanted to share them here.

Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network URRKN  and Imagine Home are both transport groups that utilize a volunteer driver network to move cats from one location to another.  Generally it’s shelter rescued cats, but they have also taken a soldier’s cat to his mother, and will return the kitty to him when he returns to the US.

URRKN has a pretty extensive list of RESCUE AND TRANSPORTATION GROUPS

Amanda commented on her experience with them:

I’ve done a trip for each of them, so they are very efficient and very successful.

The cat’s FELV/FIV status is irrelevant, they are all eligible for transport.  Where the trip would take them over 10 hours travel in a day, they ask for kitty B&Bs for overnight stops before resuming the next day.  This allows the kitties to go eat, potty and settle for the night while not in a moving vehicle.

Very often there are multiple kitties in one transport if they are following the same route, but when the routes diverge the drivers meet in safe spots.

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While these two organisations do NOT ever pull kitties from shelters and arrange temporary fostering until transport can be arranged, both of their facebook pages have links to people that do.

Routes between east and west Texas are sparsely tended so if the kitty must pass through this route then the kitty adopter may need to allow more time with a foster family.


Do you have any experience with rescue transport? Please share your experiences below in the comments.


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  1. Thank you so very much, Jenny & Amanda, for this very important information! Blessings to all the people who make these networks (and the very important work they do) possible! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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