Pet Remedy USA: Help Make the Holidays Peaceful for Your Pets

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Pet Remedy USA: Ease Holiday Stress for Your Cats

Pet Remedy A New Product to Help Calm Down Your CatMany of you know about Pet Remedy – as I introduced it months ago on the site.  Pet Remedy is a product that is made from herbal essences, Valerian, sweet basil, sage and vetiver designed to de-stress and calm pets.  It comes in diffusers and sprays.

I was stalking Pet Remedy’s Facebook page and loved these testimonials left by cat owners:

“I run Paws a while cat rescue from my home, I recommend Pet remedy to everyone who adopts, especially if they have another cat in their home. The little grey kitten was returned to me as she wouldn’t settle with the resident cat, was having accidents on beds etc. As you can see she is very settled with the other furbabies waiting for homes! I’m sure the spray helps enormously, I’ve had no accidents and after 3 days of hissing and spitting, she happily curls up with whoever is having a nap ❤️ #pawsawhilecatrescue”
‎Talulah Willow‎, November 15 at 8:14am

“I’ve been using Pet Remedy for about 3 weeks now, since once of my cats had an allergic reaction to another major brand. I’ve got house cats so Pet Remedy diffusers are used in my 2 downstairs rooms, hall, and landing. I love the ‘earthy’ smell and even though all my cats are really well behaved Pet Remedy has “chilled them out”. Not surprising really as I also take medication that includes Valerian and Sage, to help me sleep. This was my initial reason for trying Pet Remedy, as I know the ingredients work well together….and I won’t be using anything else now, except for Pet Remedy. Absolutely love it”
-Prue Bennett-Jones‎, November 11 at 3:53pm

“Sprayed the dog’s bed with pet remedy and came back in to find the cat in a state of pure pleasure rolling around in there! He obviously likes it!!! :-)”
-Vicky Lee‎, November 5 at 4:14pm

As you guys know, we received some Pet Remedy to try out – more than likely Charlie and Trigg will be with Caymus and Murphy over Thanksgiving, so I will be hauling it down there to see if we can keep the aggravated encounters at a minimum.

Learn more about Pet Remedy on their website.

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Have you tried Pet Remedy on your pet?

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  1. Great post, Jenny! I hope the PetRemedy products work for Charlie & Trigg & Caymus & Murphy over the Thanksgiving holiday! As you may recall, I won a set of the PetRemedy products in one of your giveaways earlier this year. I tried to use some to calm Miss PSB when she gets her nails trimmed (as she’s starting to not be as docile during that process as she used to be for some reason) but it didn’t seem to have any effect on her. I had the diffuser plugged into the wall near my hubby’s recliner for a few hours prior to the nail trimming session and I sprayed some product on a neckerchief and let her sniff it and placed it next to her. She may just not respond to the ingredients. I still have the products for future use if she gets super stressed or anxious about something (might work on her eventually).

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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