Pet Portraits

Post Published on February 18, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Pet portraits are becoming more and more popular these days as we find our pets becoming more important members of our family.

A beautiful hand-painted or hand drawn original of your cherished companion, whether it be before or after the rainbow bridge can be an excellent piece of commissioned artwork. They can also be a terrific gift for your family member or friend.

Some artists do more of a life-like rendition of your pet, whereas others do very different ones with fun colors and a different sort of vibrancy.

If you are interested in seeing more work by any of the artists below, simply click on their name or the photo of their work that is provided.

Cherie Vergos

Calico Cat by Cherie Vergos

Vali Popa Shoup

Cat by Vali Popa Shoup

Red Kite Studios

Calico Cat by Red Kite Studios

Kelly Campbell’s Website

Horse by Kelly Campbell

Karrol Combs’ Pet Pop Art

Karrol Combs Peanut

Gwen Rosewater

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