Pet Portraits by Vali Popa Shoup

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Vali Shoup Cat

Vali Popa Shoup

Pet Portraits by Vali Popa Shoup –’s featured artist is Vali Popa Shoup. You can send an e-mail to Vali at or phone her at 913-768-1851. Please be sure to mention sent you. Vali takes a photo of your pet (you send her the photo) and that’s her source of inspiration. For example, as Vali says, “The dog with the French hat is one of my friend’s dog and this is how they wanted the portrait!”. Vali takes orders from anywhere in the world and shipping will be charged accordingly. She says she could frame the piece or just leave the canvas, depending on what the client wants.

Here are some examples of Vali’s work.

Vali Shoup Cat

Vali Shoup Bulldog

Vali Shoup Dog

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