Pet Portraits by Mette

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PicMonkey Collage9Mette contacted me about her work and I thought it might be fun to feature it.

My name is Mette Meyer, a Norwegian animal lover, dedicated to cats, but have bred dogs in the past. Now I am involved in showing cats only, Ragdolls and Chinchilla British Shorthairs. They are my pride and joy and I cannot imagine a life without these gorgeous creatures. I also do pet portraits.

This passion started almost two years ago, spending endless hours by the computer, developing own programs to make photos look like paintings. Back then I made them mostly for my friends, but when I started to share them on social media I became overwhelmed by the positive response I received from other catlovers on all continents.

Since then I am happy that my work is now found in many countries, with only the best references, often customers are friends of an earlier customer, or have simply seen some of my work on, for instance, Facebook, I also have an online gallery.

To be able to make a high quality digital painting I will need a high quality photo, somewhat high ressolution and sharp, preferably not too dark background, but that I can remove if needed.

Mette2A digital painting means I will return the photo when finished working on it as a file, resized to a scale so it can be printed out large.

This also keep the prices low, the look of a painting, but the price is a lot less. It is quite a bit of work with each one, still it will almost always a same day delivery, depending on the size of the order. Living in a digital world means anyone and anywhere can have their furry baby done since the Internet is all we need.

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Here are some info on prices:

1 picture 40 USD, 45 CAD, AUD, 35 EURO, 25 GBP, or as I prefer 240 NOK.

Special offer is 3 for the price of 2, and even 4 for 100 USD, 110 CAD, AUD, 90 EURO, 75 GBP or 750 NOK.

Please browse my work, feel free to contact me, I can promise I will always do my outmost to make you happy with the paintings of your precious pets, its my dedication and passion. Look forward to hear from you and see many lovely furry babies.

Yours sincerely Mette Meyer





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