Pet Naturals of Vermont – Supplements for Pets – Products Received for Product Testing!

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Trigg with Pet Naturals of Vermont ProductsPet Naturals of Vermont sent us the following products of theirs to try out:

  • Clean Shampoo + Conditioner in One (for dogs and cats)
  • Flea & Tick Natural Repellent Towelettes
  • CALMING for Cats (fun shaped chews)
  • HIP + JOINT for Cats (fun shaped chews)
  • DAILY DIGEST for Cats (fun shaped chews)

I am excited to try these products out.  I love that they are all natural and made in Vermont.

I love that there are companies like Pet Naturals of Vermont that exist, improving pet products and making sure they are all natural and great remedies that don’t involve chemicals.

Here is a video I shot during the opening process:

You can also follow Pet Naturals of Vermont on Twitter or on Facebook.

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