Pet Hair Resistant Bedding (That Actually Works)

There’s nothing like the feeling of crisp, clean bedding when you want to relax and drift off to sleep. And for cat owners (and dog owners too) there may be nothing that helps you preserve that feeling more than pet hair resistant bedding.

Bamboo Sheet Set - Pet Hair Resistant for Dogs

Anyone that owns pets knows that fur can get everywhere – especially if you have an animal that likes to lounge on your bed for their own comfort during the day, or snuggle up on top of the covers at night.

And while sharing that space with your animal is a sign of the bond you have, you don’t necessarily want to spend your nights snoozing amongst a layer of pet fur.

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Is There a Company that Makes Pet Hair Resistant Bedding?

There are a number of companies that offer bedding that they claim is resistant to cat and dog hair. But a newer company, Slashop, might have found a solution with their new fabric which surpasses the quality of others.

Slashop offers a range of bedding products including duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, and some of the best comforters that pet owners could hope for, especially anyone that suffers from the allergens in fur. They also make pet hair resistant pajamas out of this material.

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Their reason

Slashop was founded by two pet moms who struggled with pet fur. One of the co-founders, Sherelle Li, had a tech company background and used her experience to create fabric labs. Using the labs, the co-founders were able to create fabrics that could solve not only the problem of pet fur in the bed but also tackle some of the issues that other pet hair-resistant bedding had.

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Their fabric

Slashop uses bamboo and eucalyptus in its fibers, which is relatively uncommon in bedding and seen as being a potentially revolutionary option. These materials are excellent for resisting pet hair and dander, but they’re also sustainable.

These natural materials are highly renewable, which means there isn’t a huge amount of farming space needed to produce high quantities of them. The bamboo is sourced from Szechuan in China, home of pandas who love eating the bamboo.

There are a lot of benefits to these plant-based materials used to create Slashop’s unique fabric. It’s not only anti-static and equivalent to a tight-weave cotton with a high thread count, but it’s antibacterial and stain-resistant too, meaning it’s a lot easier to clean. It’s also wonderfully lightweight, with a texture close to silk, meaning this high-quality material will help to keep you cool.

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6110

Their durability

Another benefit of the fabric used by Slashop is its durability. It is machine washable on cold temperatures, and it is anti-snagging too, which means your kitty won’t damage it with their claws or teeth as they are rolling around and getting comfortable on top of the covers. This also helps to make it wrinkle-resistant so your bed will stay looking neat, crisp, and clean.

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Fur-resistant comforters

Take your pick from Queen-size or King-size comforters in either Silver Moon or Morning Mist colors, and enjoy blankets that will help to prevent dust mites from settling and keep you warm without overheating. You can even use these on the sofa if you prefer.

Fur-resistant sheet sets

Slashop offers a range of fitted and flat sheet sets for a range of bed sizes and in a selection of pastel shades. These sheets are cool and super-breathable, whilst also being hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process.

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6118

Fur-resistant duvet cover

Check out the range of pet hair-resistant duvet covers and pillowcase sets in a selection of sizes and pastel colors. These protect your duvets and pillows from static, clinging hair, making them easy to vacuum.

Fur-resistant pillowcases

Pillowcases are the key part of your bedding that you will want to keep fur-free. Check out the hair-resistant pillowcases to avoid laying your head amongst remnants of your cat’s coat.

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6119

Use slashop coupon code Floppy25 to receive 25% off – Free shipping on orders over $100.

The Problems with Other Types of Fabric

There are plenty of other manufacturers creating bedding that is resistant to pet hairs, but many of those have their own problems. Polyester bedding is not very comfortable to the touch and can be pretty scratchy. It’s also prone to snagging.

Meanwhile, silk offers many of the benefits you’re looking for – it’s soft, comfortable, and anti-static too. But it’s also very expensive and not breathable – it can be hard to regulate your temperature effectively.

Microfiber cotton linen is good for its anti-static purposes, and it’s very soft, but it’s not adverse to static and can be quite warm again. Tight-knit cottons don’t tend to stick to pet dander quite as much, but they aren’t the easiest to clean, and you may still need a brush attachment for your vacuum.

Different fabrics have different pros and cons, but the eucalyptus and bamboo fabric from Slashop claims to offer almost all the positives with barely any drawbacks.

Use slashop coupon code Floppy25 to receive 25% off – Free shipping on orders over $100.


How do I keep cat hair off my bedding?

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6120

Cat hair settling on your bedding and sticking to it comes from two sources – your cat lying or walking on the bed and from the air in your bedroom, as your cat sheds normally.

To avoid cat fur sticking to your bedding, you will need resistant materials that don’t attract the fur or cause it to stick. Your cat may still shed on the bedding, but cleaning up with a vacuum cleaner should be easy instead of relying on a lint roller, sticky paper, or brushes.

You could also buy an air purifier to trap some of the loose furs in the room’s air – this will draw the air in and use a filter to trap any strands floating in the air around your home.

What makes bedding resistant to cat hair?

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6112

Any bedding manufactured using materials with a tight-weave fiber or that are anti-static will be more resistant to cat hair than regular cottons or nylon. But many of the materials used by some companies will be less comfortable to sleep in, or they won’t be sourced sustainably.

Why is it essential to have anti-hair bedding?

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Having pet hair all over your bed can be uncomfortable, especially if it settles on the pillowcases – you don’t want to wake up with a mouth full of fur. Cat fur can cause allergies for some people, and sleeping amongst it will always be worse, even if your allergy is mild.

Plus, animal fur can damage a washing machine when you wash your bedding – you have to take time to clean it off with a roller before you wash it; otherwise, the fur can clog the pipes of your laundry appliances. And that’s a painstaking job.

Can I wash my pet-hair-resistant bedding?

Pet Hair Resistant Bedding IMG_6117

Pet-hair-resistant bedding can always be washed, but depending on the manufacturer and material, it may not be suitable for machine washing or tumble drying. Slashop’s range of bedding can be washed in a machine in a cold setting without bleach and with a neutral detergent. It can also be tumble dried on low heat.

How often should I wash my sheets if my cat sleeps with me?

Bamboo Sheet Set - Pet Hair Resistant for cats

Advice varies on how frequently you should wash your sheets if you have a cat that sleeps with you, but most people advise that you should wash bedding every 1-2 weeks without a cat, and arguably more frequently if you do have a pet that sleeps on the bed with you. Some people suggest washing bedding every 3-4 days if that’s realistic.

Be careful to use gentle detergents whenever you wash bedding that your kitty sleeps on, and if you notice their behavior changing when you have changed the detergent you’re using, be aware that this might be a sign of an allergy in your cat.

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  1. I’ve had bamboo sheets on our king bed for over 10 years. Love them. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. 1of my cats sleeps in between the sheets and not much hair left behind.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for the info, Jenny honey! I also had NO IDEA these even existed either! VERY COOL!!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle <3

    1. the sheets are heavenly! i am sleeping on them this week for the first time.

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