Pet Games For Cat Lovers

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Pet Games For Cat Lovers

Looking to add some more pet games to your shelf or find a gift for another cat lover? Check out some of these cat games available on Amazon and perfect for lovers of classic board games, cat trivia, or intense competition:

  1. Wild Cards for the Love of Cats Card Game and BookWild Cards: For the Love of Cats. A game that will test your memory and broaden your cat knowledge. Match pictures and facts about different breeds of cats. Great for brain stimulation and as cute as all the cat memes you can’t resist scrolling through!
  2. Madd Capp Checkers Cat Lovers EditionMadd Capp Checkers: Cat Lovers Edition. A game of checkers that might actually raise your heart rate—this game has the classic checkers setup but with a dice popper that creates more strategy opportunities and excitement. Move cat bowls across the board to get “kinged” with a fish-skeleton crown.
  3. Cat Smarts Game. How well do you actually know cats? A great game for cat and trivia enthusiasts, with 100 questions and answers put together by cat experts.
  4. Cat-Opoly. Classic monopoly rules, but with fun cat features, including tokens shaped like cats’ favorite treats: fish, milk, a mouse, a ball of yarn and others. Each card also has fun facts about cats on the back, so you can learn more about various kitties as you enjoy a traditional board game.
  5. Crazy Cat Lady Game. A great competitive game for cat lovers with a sense of humor and a soft spot for stray cats. Navigate running cat related errands while adopting cats in need along the way—the one with the most cats at the end of the game wins!
  6. Sequence Cats Game
    Sequence Cats Game. Match the cute cat pictures on your card to the ones on the game board to get five chips in a row. When you aren’t busy strategizing your next move, check out the descriptions of the pictured cats on the back of the cards!
  7. Magnetic Poetry The Cat LoverMagnetic Poetry: The Cat Lover. Create an ode to your kitty with over 200 cat themed magnetic word tiles. Put these on your fridge and exercise your creativity with cat poems while waiting for your morning coffee!

Remember that all of the feline fun doesn’t have to be just for humans. There are also some great dog and cat games out there for your pet! Try delighting your kitty with some interactive cat toys, a cat puzzle feeder, or even YouTube videos of ponds and laser dots that double as great free cat games. Remember that you don’t have to be limited to only cat stuff. Dog puzzle toys can actually be a lot of fun and good exercise for cats as well.

Do you have any favorite pet games for cat lovers? Do you prefer traditional games with a cat twist or games that are all about cats? We would love to hear about your experiences with cat games!

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5 thoughts on “Pet Games For Cat Lovers

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Jenny you always outdo yourself with brining new and innovative things for our kitties and now for their parents too! All of these games just look like so much fun! Especially like the Cat-o-poly! Am like Patti and don’t have anyone to play it with me, but that’s OK, it is still going on my wish list! My husband just asked me what I wanted for my birthday! Hmmmm, now I have some good choices to pick from and then he can play it with me too! Thanks so much!♥♥♥♥

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    What a great set of games for feline lovers everywhere! Great post and information, Jenny! Thank you so very much!!!

    I must admit that I have no experience with any cat-themed based games. *hangs head in shame*

    However, the card game, the trivia game and the cat-o-poly game really got my interest. Something to really think about for some fun! Adding all three of those to my Wish List!!! I don’t really have anyone to play human games with me now (other than Miss Pink Sugarbelle and we have lots of fun with Kitty Playtime!) but when I get some grandchildren watch out!!! Of course, the card game and the trivia game I could play by myself (my hubby is just not into any kind of games at all unless it involves war strategies and first person shooters). 🙂

    Big hugs!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    P.S. Today is Miss Pink Sugarbelle's 3rd Birthday!!!! YAY!!! We've been celebrating all day long! 🙂 <3

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