Pet Fit For Life Feather/Squiggly Worm Unboxing Video

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If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, then more than likely you have seen our unboxing video for the Pet Fit For Life Feather/Squiggly Worm and Light Chaser with Bird Chirping.

I also did a live video on Facebook just the other day:

Grab a Cat Wand Toy Pet Fit For Life Feather Squiggly Worm Cat Wand and Light Chaser Combo Toy with Bird Chirping:

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  1. Super fun & joyful product unboxing video, Jenny! Your boys were LURVING this sooo much! What fun! One day I will be able to catch another one of your live videos in real time…that is so much fun!! (Once I get my stupid sleep issues resolved, that is…lol. Sigh… The struggle continues…) 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. We needed a new wand toy, so I got one of these on Amazon. We’re really loving it- Hunter especially likes the wormy looking attachment. Wrote a review on Amazon for the toy and mentioned I saw it here, so hopefully that helps with getting more great toys for review!

    I really like the handle- so much easier to hold for long periods of time and the clip for changing the attachments is so much better than those pinch type which I could never get to work without hurting my thumb, or, HORRORS, breaking a fingernail!

  3. that’s really cute, i like it. i have a toy that chirps like birdies when they toss it around and if i find that thing and activate it, my cats always come running. i like wand toys the best for exercise too. my cats will respond to a laser for a little bit. same thing… they can’t catch it and they get frustrated. it’s like being on a no sugar diet and having a chocolate cake put in front of you .. behind glass!! no fun. it is cool too that it has several options in one toy. Chig and Charlie are so fluffy and gorgeous this winter!!!

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