Pet Fit For Life 3-in-1 Cat Wand Toy Product Review

Pet Fit For Life Feather Squiggly Worm Cat Wand and Light Chaser Combo Toy W Bird Chirping Call to Action

The owner of Pet Fit for Life reached out to me in mid-January, asking me if we would be interested in reviewing their 3-in-1 cat wand toy.  I am always game to review a cat wand toy as long as all the materials used are safe for cats – and he assured me that they are – “everything we use is absolutely safe for you and especially your cats”.

The Pet Fit for Life’s 3-in-1 Cat Wand Toy, is exactly that – it features the following:

  • Cat Wand Toy with a bird feather attachment
  • Cat Wand Toy with a squiggly worm attachment
  • Cat Wand Toy with a LED “laser” light

Giving you 3 ways to play with your kitty….but wait, there’s more!

  • Bird Chirpping “Call to Action” – There’s a button you can press on the side of the blue wand handle that makes a bird chirping sound that brings your kitties running if they didn’t hear the bell when you picked up the wand toy.
  • Bell – There’s a small removable bell that’s on the clip where you switch our the feather or the worm, which also helps the kitties know that it’s time to play.

The Pet Fit for Life 3-in-1 Cat Wand Toy is patented and Pet Fit for Life has been in business since 2013.  They also have a 100% seller rating on Amazon (with over 11,000 ratings).  Additionally, they offer a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee on all their products.

The wand toy has a 30″ reach and a 27″ braided tether – the wand is made from molded fiberglass for flexibility and durability.  The handle is made of ABS plastic with finger grips. Once assembled, the wand is 30″ long and made from .

What’s better?  They battery (for the bird chirping) is rechargeable – so no need to buy batteries or hassle with replacing them.

Rechargeable  Battery through USB

Pet Fit For Life FeatherSquiggly Worm Cat Wand Product Review

It was an immediate hit as you can see in the unboxing video below:

Pet Fit For Life Feather/Squiggly Worm Cat Wand Unboxing Video


Trigg really liked this wand toy – he likes all wand toys, really…but this one (I kept it in the original box on a table – I do not recommend leaving a cat wand toy alone with your cats – they should always have human supervision when playing with wand toys), he would knock off the table and make mouse squeaks (that’s how he meows), until I would go and play with him with the wand toy.  It was super cute that he asked to play with it daily.  Charlie likes it too – but does more of an ambush approach, as you can see with the unboxing video below and the review video below.

I like that this cat teaser toy has so many options wrapped up in one toy.  If you don’t know what your cat likes – bird feathers, squiggly worm, laser light – just buy this one toy to figure it out.  Or if you have 3 toys, you can replace them with just this one.

The feather attachment held up the best.

Pet Fit For Life 3-in-1 Cat Wand Toy Product Review Squiggly Worm

The squiggly worm is well-loved by my cats, but would occasionally lose material (another reason I highly recommend human supervision at all times with this toy – so they aren’t swallowing anything or getting a string wrapped around them).  The squiggly worm losing bits of material was more of a safety precaution for me. It DID NOT affect the cats ability to play with it or their desire to play with it – they knew no different.  I know that Pet Fit for Life sells replacements, but also wondered if the squiggly worm falling apart was a common occurrence, so I wrote them and here’s what I heard back:

“Hi Jenny, Very surprising to see what happened to the Squiggly Worm attachment. We have had great success with these attachments and the cats just go nuts for them. I can send you a replacement for the one you have. We also sell replacement packs of the worms that are relatively inexpensive. Here is the link to our listing on Amazon. Generally if a customer writes us and says that through normal play they think the Squiggly Worm or any attachment did not hold up like it should we will offer to send them a replacement free of charge. As you can see we have over 200 reviews on these with a 4.5 star rating. If you would like me to send you one, please let me know. It’s up to you of course. Cat play, as you know, is a pretty rough business, lots of claws and teeth.  We stand by our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, though.”

The laser light, as I presumed, was not a favorite for my two – they just don’t enjoy chasing laser lights because (I think) there is no reward – you never get to catch anything.  I watched an interview or something long ago that mentioned the importance of a cat being able to catch his or her prey – an important part of the play (hunt) process.  We had dogs that loved laser lights, so there are pets that appreciate them and cats too – you can just experiment to see what works for your pets.  And that’s the beauty of this toy – so many options wrapped up in one.

The attachments are easy to switch out – there’s a fishing rod eye at the tip of the rod, with the removable bell.  I REALLY appreciate the removable bell, so I could play with my cats with the wand toy when I was on the phone!

Pet Fit For Life Feather/Squiggly Worm Cat Wand Product Review Video


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We received the Pet Fit For Life Feather/Squiggly Worm Cat Wand for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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  1. SUPER FABULOUS & AMAZEBALLS PRODUCT REVIEW post & video, Jenny! Super cool wand toy! Lurve that it’s USB chargeable but wish the charging cable was a bit longer. Depending upon where you are able to plug it in to charge based on furniture arrangements, etc., could be a bit challenging with such a short cord. All of our outlets are at least 18-20 inches above the floor and there isn’t furniture near all of them to rest the wand on while it’s charging and for those where there is a place (table, end table, chair, etc., nightstand) to rest it on the distance from the outlet to that place is longer than the charging cable. Could be awkward for some folks in similar situations. My counters in my kitchen are too crowded to use but I guess I could make room near my computer for charging but then again space is challenging in that setup, too, with such a short charge cord and balancing the wand near the USB port, etc… (I hope this makes sense.) 🙂 <3

    Charlie & Chiggy really DIG IT & THAT'S PAWESOME! I think Miss PSB would dig this a lot, too, as she is crazy for wand toys! What a great giveaway this would make, right? *wink* 🙂 <3

    Great design. Very well thought out with its look and functionality! These folks really understand kitties!!! And…I LURVE how willing they are to work with their customers and replace parts free of charge based on the situation with unusual wear and tear, etc… Certainly sounds like they provide great customer service! YAY!!! Great job with this lovely product review!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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