Pet Ecology Perfect Litter™

Last Updated on September 10, 2021 by Jenny

Pet Ecology Perfect Litter™ is one of the cat grooming products that highlights on providing easier, safer and bad odor-free indoors of your home. The Perfect Litter features its super lightweight formula which is approximately 70% lighter than any other cat litters in the market and at the same time it takes-in litters of almost four times the other brands.

Pet Ecology Perfect LitterIt uses an original and harmless enzyme based system that kills cat box odors while it neutralizing them on contact thus giving you an odor-free home. A 3-pound bag of Pet Ecology Perfect Litter™ is equivalent to roughly 21 pounds of regular cat litter proving that Perfect Litter is super lightweight. Other features would be its characteristic of being flushable, track less and dust-free.

For those cat parents who are eco-friendly, this is the indeed the best cat litter to suit you. Pet Ecology Perfect Litter™ is 100% environment friendly and 98% natural with a plus factor that is Biodegradable. It’s being Earth friendly is a good thing because it does not contribute to the destruction of landfills caused by clay-based litters.

For Cat Connection’s discount price of just $12.99, this Perfect Litter cat product will save you and your cat from a very tiring and messy day.

Pet Ecology Perfect LitterTo learn more tips on cat grooming and safety measures, feel free to visit our website Floppycats.

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