Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Product Review

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Heart-Shaped Cat Scratcher and Bed Review

In November 2016, Pet Dogma reached out to us to see if we would be interested in reviewing their launch product, a heart-shaped corrugated cat scratcher bed and lounge.  I was game when I read about it on Amazon and read the reviews it had.

The Pet Dogma Heart-Shaped Cat Scratcher bed comes in two colors: Playful Leopard and Rich Brown. I chose the Rich Brown color.

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Product Review
I loved the design, but was concerned about the size of it for Ragdoll cats. However, as I have come to discover with the over the hundreds of products we have reviewed – it is not the human who determines if a bed is too small or not – it is the cat.

Cat Scratcher Toy and Bed Heart by Pet Dogma

When we received the product in early December 2016, my Ragdoll cats, Charlie and Trigg, immediately were interested in it. They love corrugated cardboard scratchers.
The scratcher itself is super well made – sturdy, classy and doesn’t seem to “shed” cardboard pieces as fast as other scratchers.

One of the concerns about corrugated cardboard scratchers for cats is that many are made with toxic glues and/or cardboard material that is not safe for our kitties, so I asked Pet Dogma about their scratcher and the glues before they sent it to me. The product is safe for adults, children and pets. It was tested for SVHC testing (Substances of Very High Concern) that can be found in mixtures such as paints, inks and glues or in articles such as toys, furniture, textiles and electrical products and they sent me the certificate of showing it passed the test.

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Product Review

How My Cats Used the Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed

Charlie and Trigg both used the scratcher during the course of our review – however, Charlie uses it daily to scratch, multiple times a day.  He has A LOT of options of where to scratch (given the plethora of cat scratchers we have reviewed), so it’s interesting that he returns to this new one. I first had the scratcher in our living room – and then moved it on top of the “dining room” table (I don’t use my dinging room table and usually have products I’m reviewing on it). Finally, I moved it to the kitchen. Every time I came home from an errand or anything of that sort, Charlie would run to the scratcher and scratch (cats scratch to release emotion – and he gets excited when I come home). Scratching also helps to keep their muscles in their arms and shoulders strong and helps to keep their claws strong.

They both sat in the lounger on a regular basis while I prepared their food or if I was preparing my own food. In other words, they chose to sit inside the scratcher rather than on the floor or on something else.

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Review

I never did find either one of them lying in the scratcher – using it as a bed. I do think it is too small for their bodies. Charlie and Trigg have long bodies and weigh 13 and 14 lbs, respectively.

I do think this is a great scratcher and a great lounge – I just think it’s too small for my cats. They would have loved it as kittens, though – and a smaller cat like a 7-9 lb cat might fit perfectly. The owner of Pet Dogma has 3 kitties – one that weighs more than Charlie or Trigg and lounges in it daily! That’s cats for you – completely unpredictable.

This is a sturdy, durable scratcher made from heavy-duty cardboard – five layers of corrugated paper as a pressed unit, ultra-thick 1.5 inch construction base with a 1 inch sides. You can also flip it over for an additional flat bottom scratching layer.
I very much like corrugated cardboard scratchers in general because they are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge Dimensions

  • 14 x 12 x 3.5 inches
  • 1 pound

One thing I want to start talking more about in my reviews is my experience with the company for whom I am doing the review. My experience with Pet Dogma as a blogger was awesome – they were super responsive and engaged without pestering me. They also really care about their product and bringing something to the market that is not only safe for cats and humans, but also is something cats and humans will enjoy. I would love to see a larger, perfectly round version of this cat scratcher bed. I love the materials and the quality of construction. Many reviewers on Amazon reported that their kitties love to rub their face on the sides of the scratcher – and I can see why this is – the sides are rigid and sturdy encouraging that to happen. I do not know if Charlie and Trigg did so – I never caught them doing it. However, they do love to rub their face, so perhaps they did. And Pet Dogma’s owner’s cats do.

Please find our unboxing and final review videos below.

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Unboxing Video

Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Product Review Video

You can buy the Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge on Amazon for $19.99 (it’s on sale right now).

We received the Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

What do you think of the Pet Dogma Heart-Shaped Cat Scratcher Bed?

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9 thoughts on “Pet Dogma Heart Shaped Cat Scratcher Lounge and Bed Product Review

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Great review Jenny, Charlie and Trigg! They are so adorable sitting in the bed! Thanks so much for going into detail about the safety of the glue, etc. I always worry about that since they are down there smelling all the chemicals on anything new. Will definitely get one of these the next time their little round lounges are due for renewal. Illaria would probably fit since she is more stocky and short-bodied weighing only 9 pounds. Am adding to our list right now. Thanks so much! Very helpful review that you put a lot of time and thought into. Charlie and Trigg are handsome models!❤

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Fantastic review videos, pics and post, Jenny! This is obviously a really well-made, high quality cat scratcher. I adore the pics of Charlie and Chiggy sitting in it while they wait for their food. So freakin’ precious! I just wish they had a bigger option for those of us with larger breed kittehs. Hoping they take your suggestion to make a bigger, rounder version. THAT would sell like hotcakes, I think, if the price point is competitive. I’ve added this to my Kitteh Wish List but just am on the fence of shelling out $20 for something I know my girl wouldn’t be able to fit comfortable. On the other hand, inverting the scratcher opens up a whole new world as I’m pretty sure my girl would crawl on top of the flat surface and just let it all hang over or out. Hmmmm. Still thinking on this one….

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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