Penthouse Double Woven Cat Bed – The Perfect Wicker Fibre Bed For Your Cat

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Cats like to choose their own places to sit, sleep and watch the world go by. Cats prefer natural-made materials over man-made materials and so when given a choice between a cold plastic shell and a woven wicker basket, the latter always wins. Introducing the double level Penthouse Woven Cat Bed

The wicker fibre material used in this cat product is an unconscious attraction to the cat’s instincts. They are also good at keeping in the heat of the animal, when inside, which is ideal for the colder months. Penthouse Double Woven Cat BedCats like to feel secure where they sleep which often leads to them finding comfortable spots on bookcases, on top of wardrobes or where the best vases stand on the table in the hall.

So why let your cats sleep on those areas when you can actually provide them with this Penthouse Double Woven cat bed?
Your feline will absolutely slumber on the durable, comfy pillow – in luxury, and they’ll feel secure as they snuggle up inside the cozy house which has an enclosed sleeping area on ground level and an exposed but higher vantage point above. 

With other cats in the house, this proves to be a bone of contention between them. They will all want that spot!
Penthouse Double Woven Cat Bed dimensions: 20.5"Wx15.5"Dx16"H. Two pillows are included with this bed at a price of $84.99 only at CatsPlay.

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