Pennsylvania’s Cat Toilet Company CITIKITTY Could Earn BIG With The Fockers Trilogy

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Cat Toilet Training KitLast 2000, with the movie "Meet the Parents", Jinxy the toilet trained cat brought about cat toilet training onto the big screen. CitiKitty also made it possible to introduce its cat toilet training kit last 2005 as it debut.

During an interview at Morrisville, PA with the Founder of CitiKitty, Rebecca Rescate, she said that "CitiKitty’s cat toilet training kit has been a hit among cat owners looking to go litter-free but interest should hit a peak with Jinxy’s next appearance in "Little Fockers".

She also mentioned that CitiKitty’s Cat Toilet Training Kit product didn’t hit the market that high not until after the last Fockers movie shown in theatres last 2004 which really hit a peak. Even through web searches, CitiKitty’s cat product really performed well.

Rescate also narrated that when she was asked what business she’s into, just hearing the word CitiKitty made almost everybody recall the Fockers movie, that’s how popular CitiKitty’s product have been since it was shown in the movie.

And for now the whole company has nothing to do but to hope for the best that this windfall, Jinxy’s next appearance in the Fockers trilogy will really hit the big screen again, but this time maybe a hundred times more than the previous ones.

The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit retails for $29.99 and is available at,, and independent pet stores in the US & Canada.

About CitiKitty

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CitiKitty Inc. was founded in 2005 by Rebecca Rescate, a 26 year-old entrepreneur. With no place to hide her cat’s litter box, she decided to toilet train her cat Samantha (a 15 year-old Tuxedo cat used to live in a 500-sq ft Manhattan apartment with Rescate). Rebecca made it her mission to find an affordable, safe, healthy, easy and environmentally friendly alternative for Samantha to discard her poops and dirts and that’s were CitiKitty was born.

With Rescate’s mission of providing the best not just only to cat owners but also to cats, she really have made toilet training cats a reality.

The CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit is made in the USA and distributed worldwide. CitiKitty and other amazing cat products can be found at For more information or to see a video of a CitiKitty toilet-trained cat, please visit

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