pEi Pod Egg-Shaped Cat Bed Review by Floppycats

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg in the pEi PodThe pEi Pod (i.e., Pet Egg Pod) is an egg-shaped cat bed.  “Ei” means “Egg” in German.  It is pronounced “Pie Pod” as you will hear me discuss in the videos below.

My dad was helping me with a gutter problem on Saturday and he came in and saw the pEi Pod and goes, “Who’s egg is that?  Is that for the cats?”

The pEi Pod is made of plastic and it fairly lightweight.  Ours came with an adorable yellow polkadot cushion.  I have run the cushion through the washing machine and dryer twice without a problem.

I like this bed very much, but can’t say that Charlie and Trigg would be upset if it was gone – in other words, they don’t seem to use it (or I don’t catch them in it), however, when I put them in it, they have no problem just crawling in, as you’ll see in the videos below.

It’s great for cleaning because it’s plastic, but being made of plastic makes it also hard on kitties that get chin acne easily from plastic bowls.

Overall, I like it very much – I have always wanted one and am glad I bit the bullet and got it – but more for review purposes and my liking it than anything else.  I have heard it’s great for rabbits and small dogs too.

They sell for $129.99 on pEi Pod’s website.

They sell for $119.99 on

I purchased the pEi Pod from Living Social during a deal they were running with It cost $67.55 with discount and shipping charges.

You can buy a cushion from the Hauspanther Etsy store that isn’t as bulky and they also sell it with double sided velcro so that it doesn’t move around.

Arrival video:

Review video:

I bought the pEi Pod pet bed from Living Social. Buying the product did not influence this review.

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3 thoughts on “pEi Pod Egg-Shaped Cat Bed Review by Floppycats

  1. Michele says:

    Please can I surgest you put air holes in design’s like this, they have killed 3 cats in England because they tipped over and ran out of air, thanks

  2. Jobi Harris says:

    I like the shape and the idea of it, but not real excited about the plastic aspect. I also keep things that I like, whether or not the cats really appreciate it. We just have a different cat aspect, I guess!

  3. Nikki Lamothe says:

    I have two of these (found them for only $54 each on…originally I purchased one for my cats and one for a former foster kitten who is now my brother’s cat. My brother’s girl, DC, who looks like she could easily be a Ragdoll mix, laid down in the egg once, unprompted…otherwise, it was just an annoyance for her. My cats were a little more receptive at first; however, now I have both of them…one in the living room and one in my bedroom…they seem less interested, like they were a novelty when I first opened the box (oh, and my boy kitty totally preferred the big cardboard box to the egg, at which he just turned up his nose). Thanks for the info about the wash-ability of the cushion (same yellow with white polka dots, but in the mint green eggs)…didn’t know that, so will be throwing them in the wash in hopes of making them smell more like home and be a more comfortable or interesting place for the kitties to rest.

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