Peek A Prize Toy Box Cat Toys

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Cats love to look for things, push and grab them with their paws, and watch them go pop in and out, and the Peek A Prize Toy Box by SmartCat is going to allow for them to do this and more. Nearly all kinds small cat toys can go through these holes, up and down or side to side, while your cat pushes or pulls with their paws while trying to get them. 

Peek A Prize Toy Box Cat ToysThe Peek A Prize Toy Box helps your cat’s accuracy and speed go higher and they will be able to make their imagine work for them. They can play it by themselves or have a competition with another cat to see who can get the most toys. They will have fun, exercise, and hours of enjoyment to occupy themselves with the challenge that the numerous holes in the box provides.
To make it more interesting for them, why not place cat toys with catnip or drop a few of their favorite gourmet cat treats inside the holes? If you are looking for something that you pet won’t get tired off, this might be it. If you provide your pet with cat products that will make them use their imagination and help them become more creative, you pet will become more alert. 

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