Peach – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Peach – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the MonthWe were looking for a second Ragdoll to be a “sister” for the little one we already had. We think two cats is ideal, so they would make company to each other when we are not at home and play together.

We really wanted either a female cream/red or bicolor lynx, It took a while to find, one of the breeders we contacted said It was “almost impossible to find a cream/red female”, but we kept looking.

Finally we received a reply from Snuggle Rags and they had two litters, there was one cream/red girl and a few bicolor lynx girls. I make the deposit and we decided to name the cream/red girl Peach, because of her apricot color and because Peach is the princess from the Super Mario video games.

Before Peach even arrive, I learned she had quite a personality already. In the day the breeder was taking all kittens to the vet to be neutered/spayed, Peach hid and was only found when they were back. She had that look “where did everybody go?” and another appointment just for her had to be scheduled that week.

Peach was less than a month younger than our other kitten, Mystra, but when we finally brought her home It looked like she was way smaller. Mystra was the queen of the house, owner of all the territory and in the beginning we didn’t know if they would get along.

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 5Mystra was hissing and “chasing” Peach a bit, which I read is instinct and natural. They didn’t actually fight or hurt each other. Fortunately, even tho Peach was smaller, she was raised together with many other kittens and was so well socialized that she wouldn’t let Mystra boss her around. Quite the opposite, she would be calm and patient, but would play hard back if needed, just never being aggressive first. Slowly Mystra started to tolerate Peach and let her get closer.

After a few days they were running and chasing each other for fun and sometimes Peach was the one chasing. Funny friendly “fights” would also happen and one day I found Mystra grooming Peach. They were finally friends!

I love how they are so different from each other. Mystra is obedient, understands immediately and I say “no” and doesn’t scratch the wrong places or go over the counter top. Mystra stays still and lets me trim her nails, comb her, brush her teeth, anything, without complains.

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 2Peach has a mind of her own, scratches the couch no matter how many times I say “no”, although she doesn’t really damages It because I trim her nails. She kinda let’s me groom her, but doesn’t like to stand still, I sometimes have to follow her while combing. She’s also lean and light, doesn’t eat too mucn and can easily jump to the counter top or anywhere she wants, while Mystra is heavy, always hungry and avoids jumping to high places.

Peach is, however, the sweetest pet I ever had, and I even had dogs before. She wakes me up with cuddling and doesn’t really begs for food, just stays there by my side being cute, resting her head on me or curling like a ball and purring. She’s so adorable that I don’t even mind that It’s early.

She must have the usual ragdoll personality because she really lets me carry her on my arms like a doll without trying to go away. She’s loving not only with me, but also likes staying on my husband’s lap for hours. If I ask him a favor, he would point at her sleeping on his lap and say “sorry, I can’t, see?” and somehow that sounds like a legit argument, haha.

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 9Peach is also very curious and does everything people would normally expect from a cat. There’s no toy she doesn’t play with and no box she doesn’t explore. It doesn’t matter what’s in the box, It matters that It’s a box.

She also does a lot I wouldn’t expect, like biting my nose sometimes. Doesn’t really hurt or anything, It’s just her being slightly crazy, but I find It funny and wouldn’t change anything. She’s definitely not boring!

We have lots of fun with our Ragdolls, Peach and Mystra are the best pets we could have wished for.

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 8

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 10

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 6

Peach- Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 4

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 3

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 11

Peach - Ragdoll Kitten of the Month 11
Mystra and Peach

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Randy Coker says:

    Dear Loving Kitty Mommy Im So Happy for You Injoying Your Very Beautifull Ragdoll Kittys.Im Happy That you Found A Beautifull Campoin Ragdoll Kitty For Your adorable Peach I Love Your Ragdoll Kittys They are so Beautifull And Im Sure that you Are having Fun With Them. My New Ragdoll Shpuld come In Around Sept 12th Or a little Later In That Month And we Here are so Very Excited. Im The Blessed Mommy Of 3 Mainecoon Show Cats And 1 Ragdoll Cat And Im An Eceptant Mother Of My Last Baby A Very Beautifull Show quality Female Seal Color Point I Waited Years To Have One Day I Waited For that Perfict Ragdoll Kitten And God Blessed Me And The Most Reputable Breeder I Could Ever Hope For.I Will Keep you Posted when My Baby Girl Arives. Im Just counting the Days Boy What A Beautifull Feline she is and is just what a true ragdoll lover could ever hope for. I Have My Older Male A Seal Color Point Smoke Mitted And Hes A true Ragdoll Beauti From The Very Same Breeder I Emailed You about So If you Or Some Is In The Market For An Amazing True to its Breed With Traceuble Ragdoll From Ann Bakers Lines She Has some Real Deal Ragdolls. I Realy Love Your Seal Point Ragdoll I See Good Lines There Too In The Two That you Have. Iv Worked With this Wonderfull Breed For 15 Years and The Meajestic Maine Coon For Aprox 47 Years You Should see the Beauties that God Has Blessed Me With and all Are DNA Tested And Traceable There Orengeal Lines And Jenestics And Are Very Sund and Very healthy Thats My Top Prity Is the Health of my cats and kittens. God Bless All My Kitty Friends Out there The Cokers.

  2. Marilia Veras Gama says:

    Thank you for the kind comments and I’m glad you liked the photos and story. Mystra and Peach grew up to be two loving and funny kitties and always put a smile on our faces. =)

  3. Randy Coker says:

    Dear Pattie Im Glad that you Like Our Beautifull maine Coons too. I Have 3 Show Maine coons One that Didnt Like The Idea And Two That are retired Like Me there Mommy. I wish I could show our Friends Out There and You My Beautifull Ragdoll Kitten As well But Dont Know How to Post them. how Did you Like My Dear friend and Ragdoll Breeder? Christine At Ny Divine Dolls? Isnt She and Her Beautuifull Ragdolls amazing? Boy I Realy Hope she Will post Some Of Her Amazing Ragdoll Cats and Kittens She Has some Very Beautifull Show Cats and some Show qualitys and Some Pet Quilitys In Kittens Real Eye candy Ragdolls. I hape she Does Post Some Of her Adorable ragdoll Cats and Kittens. I Know For Sure If She Would Post Just One Her Ragdoll Cat Or Kitten Would Defenitly Make Ragdoll Of the Month You Should see for your Self How Very Beautifull That They realy are And She Isnt Bad On Looks Ither And just as she is beautifull Inside as Outword I Beleave every one that has ever met her would love her winning personalty as I do My Self She Is Definitly Part Of My Family and we all love Her very Much. Oh Thats the Very Nice Ragdoll Breeder I Baught My First Ragdoll From And we Love Har Ragdolls so much We are Goan Have Our Second One Lord willing By Sept 12th Oh you Should see This Little Beauti I Told My Little Boy Look out We are Gona Have Some real Compition Now Taters. Ha Ha. God Bless you and All Our Ragdoll And Maine coon and all Cat And Kitten Friends Out there The cokers.

  4. So adorable! That picture of the two of them gazing up at you would make me give them anything they desired! Sounds like they are the perfect pair. Thanks so much for sharing Peach with us!

  5. Elines Acevedo says:

    She is so adorable!!! And her name fits just purrfect! You have some very pretty kitties <3

  6. Randy Coker says:

    Oh Dear Pattie Im Not The Mommy Of This Beautifull Little Ragdoll Called Peach. I Heard that she Was Looking For a compaion For Peach and I Told Her About My Ragdoll Cattery Where she could Get a Very healthy Ragdoll Kitten For her and Peach. Oh Yea Peach is Adorable and this Person Seems Like She would Be a Good Ragdoll Parent.I Am Very honred On Your timely Reply And Iv been working On The Ragdoll Breed Of Cat For Aprox 15 years. iHave Even Avalated for Ragdoll Breeders On Show Breeder Protencheals looking at Ragdoll Kittens As Young some times as Young As 4 Weeks Of age I Started to get that Good At it. I Have Have also worked With My Most Favirote The Maine coon 47 Years Of Experence On This Megestic Breed Of Cat I Have Many Breeder catterys that are Very Pleased On My Avalations. Besides Cats and Kittens any Breed Of Our Demestics Too I Just Lovem All My Pation Is all about Cats and Kittens. God Bless you And I Some times can Tell A Person If there Cat Or Kitten Isnt Well When they tell me how The Kitty cat Is acting Or Not Its self I some times can Tell By The Info Given What It could Be as I worked with Young Kittens as Young as days Old If the Mother Isnt Careing for her young and had Good reselts. i worked With All Tipes Of Kittys all my Life as a Small Child And beleave It to Be One Of My callings From God. Your Friend and Friend Of Kitty Lovers All over the Globe.Betty coker.

    1. Patti Johnson says:

      That’s wonderful, Betty! Bless you for the work you do and your lurve of these awesome breeds! (I lurve the Maine Coone breed, too, and we were looking at Maine Coone breeders in our area before we found a wonderful Ragdoll cattery nearby.) 🙂 <3

    2. Marilia Veras Gama says:

      Hi! At the moment we are not looking for another ragdoll, but thank you so much for the kind words and for offering help. 🙂

  7. Patti Johnson says:

    What an absolutely delightful story about Miss Peach!!!! She’s gorgeous (and so is Mystra!) and full of purrsonality! Lurve the photos! Such pretty girls!!! So glad they bonded and get along so well! They are two lucky kittehs to have found such a lovely furever home with you and your family!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  8. Randy Coker says:

    Dear Nice Person With The Lovely Peach Ragdoll kitten.Did you Say that You Where Looking for a Ragdoll Kitten Female Peach In Color Or Lynx Point? I Have A Friend and Breeder For you Because you Sound Responsible And Loving and commited So im Personaly Gona Refer You to My Personal Breeder I Enjoy working with. She Will Have some real Nice show Qualitys In the Fall All Colors And paterns Minks too. I baught a wonderfull beautifull extreemly nice adorable Ragdoll kitten and Im Gona Get another from Her This aug Hopefully By The 12th. A Seal Color Point female And Trust Me She Is a total looker And A Show Breeder. But Im Not Gona Breed Her But Do Want to Show her. My Beautifull Male Kitten Didnt Like the show Idea But You Should Feast Your eyes On Him. I Dont Know how to Take the Pictures On The Computer But If I conect you On Her Face book and Her cattery you can See My Little Show Ragdoll kitten On the face Book Page She Is Being held By My Breeder and You will See her little dark Tail Thats when she was Very Young. My Breeder send Me a Picture Of My Little Beauti on my email address. This lovely Breeder Is Very Responsible and one of the best and politeest people iv ever met and she show her Beautifull show ragdoll cats and kittens. All Of Her Breeder cats Are TICA and are fully screned for any health problembs And DNA tested and all her kittens show or pet quality Are In Prime Health and Garenteed.She Keeps All The shots Upto date and her kittens are spayed and nutered befor they are adopted at 12 weeks of age at the youngest. if you are as pitular as i am where i buy My Ragdolls and you would love some eye candy then wait till you see some of thease beauties.NY Divine Look For her home Page and you Will Navagate Where You Want to go she has a lot of info as whell and the lines of her breed stock. her phone number is on her web site too and the little ragdoll kittens that are adopted are on there on her face book page. let me know what you think of this wonderfull ragdoll breeder. her Name Is Christine Lupo. And Yes She Realy Does Take Pride In all Her Ragdoll Cats and Kittens.We Only ask If any One Wants To Adopt from Her Is that That person is willing to commit for the life of our ragdolls. And Yes a contract Must Be Compleeted and Vet references are a must a loving responsible forever home and good quality care. She Is very Pitular Where Her Kittys Go and the Home they Will Be In.I Hope this Helps. Like I Said I Beleave You to Be Reputable And Thats why I Desided To Give you This reference. When You call Christine You can Tell Mrs Betty Coker Refered You because I beleave After checking You Out For My Self By What you Say and How you Love Your Beautifull Ragdolls I Feel you will Be a Valued And Loving costermer. Oh We Never alow Our Kittens Of Cats Out Doors. She Has The Info you will need On Her conteact And What shots are a No No When And When To Go To the vets for them Ect. Enjoy Your Cherch In My higest regards Mrs Betty coker.Ps Contact Me On My Email address OKAY? ASAP>

  9. Your new baby surely is a Peach! I loved the story and the pictures of her with Mystra! They are a gorgeous duo! 🙂

  10. she is beautiful, both of them are. thanks for sharing her story and your great photos.

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