Peach Pet Lounger New Design

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Peach Pet Lounger New Design

The other day we received the new Peach Pet Lounger’s new design, here’s our unboxing video:

This new cat hammock design fits together like a glove – comes in 14 different fabrics for you to choose from.

You might recall that we previously reviewed their first edition cat hammock lounger a few years ago.

You can buy the new Peach Pet Lounger on Peach’s website and get free shipping with code FLOPPYCATS15

We will be doing a full product review on the newly designed Peach Pet Lounger in the coming weeks.

Do you have any questions about it?


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  1. Fantastic product review and videos, Jenny!!! This new design is really beautiful and I lurve that polka dot fabric you have on yours. So cute! Triggy looks so adorable rolling around on it, too! He was the true star of this product arrival video!! He and Charlie were so cute playing with those adorable kickers!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & Happy Holidays!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Hi Jenny! Thanks for doing this video, good job! I just wanted to tell you I’m in love with your kitties. They are gorgeous. I’m a Ragdoll Mom Wannabee–my French Bulldog passed away a few months ago, and have just now gotten to the point of considering a new furbaby (or two!). I have a friend with 2 wonderful Ragdolls, so I’ve gotten familiar with the breed. I’ve been a Siamese Mom before, but the beauty and temperment of the Floppycats really appeal to me.
    Again, thanks for the video.

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