PawNosh Mini Cubby Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back

Post Published on February 18, 2016 | Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Jenny

PawNosh Mini Cubby Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back

Cynthia and her Periwinkle were one of three winners of the December PawNosh Mini Cubby Bowl Giveaway.  I love when a winner reports back to share their experience – thanks, Cyn!  Also, be sure to check out the video!  It’s so cute!

Hello fellow Ragdoll lovers! Our 2-year-old Ragdoll, Periwinkle, is a Blue Bicolor Mitted with a very sweet personality. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the best about regularly drinking water, that is, until he had an episode of feline cystitis and we started putting water bowls everywhere around our house! His favorite bowl is the PawNosh Mini Cubby bowl that we were lucky enough to win by entering the drawing on the Floppycats website.

As soon as the box was delivered, Periwinkle seemed to know it was something for him, and he headed over to investigate.

PawNosh Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back 5
He thought the box smelled interesting…

PawNosh Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back 1

… and was very well packed…

PawNosh Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back
… and thought the bowl was beautiful once it was revealed at last!

PawNosh Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back 3

But it was how and fresh and clean water tasted from the bowl that he most appreciated!


PawNosh Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back 4

We both love the easy care and hefty weight of this special bowl; glass is really the ideal material for a cat bowl. The low height of this small PawNosh bowl even allows Periwinkle to drink from his preferred position — lying on his side (see video)!

We’re so happy to see him drinking water and feeling healthy again, and we may have to order a couple more bowls, so no room of our house is without…. Thanks again to Floppycats and PawNosh!


We reviewed the PawNosh Cubby Minis in December, here is our final review video:

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4 thoughts on “PawNosh Mini Cubby Glass Cat Bowl Giveaway Winner Reports Back

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Great review! Love Periwinkle too! What a movie star he is. Love how he likes to drink water from his bowl. Too cute! These are the best bowls ever. We love ALL of them for their durability, and that they are made from safe, recycled bottles. Have even had non-cat people come into our home and want to take these away for their own use. They had no idea something so beautiful (a true work of art) could be a cat bowl. The PawNosh company really cares about our planet by recycling while making our kitties happy by giving them wonderfully cat friendly bowls. These new little cubbies are the cutest things! Another one going on our ever growing list!

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Hey, Cynthia & Periwinkle!!!

    Great report (and congratulations on winning one of those awesome PawNosh Mini-Cubby bowls)!!! We lurve ours, too!

    Lurve the pics and the video! How adorable and quirky is your Periwinkle boy!!! He’s gorgeous! He reminds me a lot of our Miss Pink Sugarbelle with his facial markings and attitude!!! lol 🙂 <3

    What a great name for your GORGEOUS fella, too! Lurve that name..Periwinkle! So many nicknames are flying through my head using that name. Winkly Dinkly Doo! Winnie The Chinny! Merry Peri! Winkly Tinkly! Gah!

    Thanks so much for the great review and info, Cynthia! Wishing you and Mr. Periwinkle Winklington many years of love, good health and happiness!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. ABarletta says:

    Thanks Jenny. I love our Pawnosh bowls. I have a bunch of both the regular cubby and the new smaller mini all around the house. I keep water bowls upstairs and down for my senior girl Gracie so she doesn’t have to walk up and down stairs for her water. I keep the tangerine bowls on the floor filled with hard renal prescription food upstairs and down in case Gracie wants to chomp on something in the middle of the night. (Although I give Gracie only wet food for her meals, promise!!) These bowls are a cinch to wash, they don’t move around the floor or counter and are pretty to look at. They are like jewels that sparkle in the sun and they add depth and life to areas that would otherwise be drab. Not to mention the fabulous customer service!

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