PawNosh Cubby Bowl Aqua Reader Product Review

Floppycats Reader Jessica has previously sent in thorough product reviews of other products.  Here is another one of her reviews:

pawnosh-cubby-bowl-aqua-reader-product-review-2I received the Pawnosh Cubby Bowl for my kitties (Aisling and Saoirse). It’s available in 3 colors, aqua, celery and tangerine. I received aqua which is my personal favorite color of the three.

I had seen Jenny’s reviews of this bowl and had previously perused the Pawnosh website. I admit that my first impression before seeing it in person was “that’s so pretty – but, boy, that’s a lot for a pet bowl!”

Having used one now, I get it.

The bowl is the most amazing quality. It’s glass, but it’s very heavy, durable glass and constructed in a way that it’s easy to pick up and carry. It washes beautifully; I have had washed and put in the dishwasher both with great results. I have previously used ceramic bowls, a ceramic fountain, and stainless steel pet bowls for water. I don’t use plastic to avoid pet acne etc.

To be honest, my cats are picky water drinkers; the ceramic fountain was not their thing at all, and they are persnickety about fresh, cold water, standing expectantly by the bowl and giving me long stares whenever they feel it’s not up to their standards.

So I change and wash bowls quite often. And even with this, the ceramic and stainless do seem to get to a point where they take more and more scrubbing to get really clean I have found. I don’t see that happening with the Pawnosh – the glass is just beautiful, and it washes wonderfully.

The bowl itself is so beautiful! I’m perfectly proud to have it in my main living areas and it gets a lot of notice and compliments. It would be right at home in display in a high end boutique, and you might be tempted to use it for people purposes or display. The aqua color is so, so pretty – it just feels cool and refreshing. I had intended to try it with both food and water before writing this, but the cats have so loved it for water that is how I am using it exclusively at this point. I think perhaps for cats the smaller Pawnosh (Cubby Mini) might be a better fit if cats have whisker issues while eating from deeper bowls, which one of my cats does.

Just opening the Pawnosh Cubby was an experience. It’s extremely well packed in a shipping box surrounded by paper packing, and inside is a smaller, sturdy box. When I opened the outerbox, there was a handwritten note with my name on it containing a certificate of ownership. The smaller box is gift ready, with a nice wrapping and bead, decorative tape and the Pawnosh logo. Inside the box, the bowl is surrounded by 2 color coordinating tissue papers, making the bowl feel like a piece of art when you open it. You can’t help but ooh and ahh! From the moment I pulled the bowl out the cats were very interested and were all over me as I got it ready for them to use. They just knew this special item was THEIRS.


pawnosh-cubby-bowl-aqua-reader-product-reviewSaorise, my seal colorpoint and the “big sister” of my girls, had to try it first. Her favorite drinking method is to dip her paw and lick, which she did – again and again and again and again! I’ve never seen her so enraptured! I think she knew how pretty she was with her big blue eyes next to the jewel like aqua bowl. She generally knows how pretty she is, especially now with her full winter coat. The bowl is also heavy enough that it stays put – and as my girls are still young enough (1 year) to be kittenish at times – that they can’t move the bowl and slosh the water or knock it over themselves or with toys is great. I have tile floors, and it doesn’t slide around at all.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend the Pawnosh Cubby. They are a great company (read their website!), they have a generous warranty against breakage, their product is very high quality, extremely beautiful and absolutely functional. The design is so well thought out: the little opening at the base for fingers to facilitate picking up the bowl is genius. Any one of these reasons is enough to love a product, but all in one? Amazing.

The bowl is not freezer, microwave or oven safe, that’s probably important to note, but it is dishwasher safe (and I have washed it that way with great results). The company also warns against using it outside due to “refractory and magnifying properties” (I think that means it could start a fire in sunlight). It shines like a jewel in the light, so I believe it – but my kitties are strictly indoor so not an issue for us!

While obviously this bowl costs much more than a typical pet bowl from a big box store or online, I really see this as a very special and useful addition to a pet household.

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Check out our video showing the unveiling process:


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  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Thanks Jessica for the great review. Love seeing your beautiful Saorise testing the water. So precious! Ditto to everything Patti and ABarletta have so eloquently said too. Have had ours for several years now and they look just like brand new. I am guilty of the same thing – using several of them for people food! Hehehe! They are so pretty, just can’t help it. We love our PawNosh bowls and Sachi, the owner! She is such a sweet person.♥♥♥

  2. How lovely that you have six of them!!! (So jelly!) 🙂 <3

    Lurve that your hubby has a few he uses for his candy and fortune cookies…lol They are so much fun to use and a joy to look at and handle!

    Would lurve to get a PawNosh Cubby Aqua for Miss PSB (as I think she actually prefers to drink from the Aqua bowl…though she does drink from both of the ones I have (the big one in Tangerine and the little one in Aqua). Then I could use the big Tangerine Cubby Bowl in my kitchen! Must save my money to get another one! 🙂 <3

  3. ABarletta says:

    I agree with Patti and Jenny, the Paw Nosh bowls “rock”. I have six of them, two of which my husband uses to put candy and Chinese fortune cookies in. (Don’t ask.) They all have pride of place throughout the house. And, yes, as Jessica describes, for some reason my cats (well, one cat now) loves to drink out of the blue bowl. I think the water just “tastes” cleaner with no left over aromas like other food bowls. I wash them in the dish washer every now and again, but mostly wash by hand because I love to do it. Sachi at Paw Nosh couldn’t be sweeter and more helpful.

  4. Pawesome review, Jessica! Thanks so much, Jenny, for posting Jessica’s wonderful review!

    I totally agree with everything you wrote, Jessica. And you wrote it so very well. Just purrfect. We have the PawNosh Cubby Bowl in Aqua, too, and it is AMAZEBALLS!!! My baby girl lurves to drink water from it, too. Just like your GORGEOUS Saorise, she pawdunks to start her water drinking process. Adorable!! Could watch that furrever! 🙂 <3

    It's always wonderful to see pics of your BEAUTIFUL girl, Saorise. 🙂

    I think it's pretty much unanimous, the PawNosh Glass Cubby Bowls ROCK!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. Ooops. Correction: We have a PawNosh Cubby Bowl in Tangerine and a Paw-Nosh mini-Cubby in Aqua. Miss PSB lurves to drink water from both and I only wash them by hand as I really enjoy handling these beautiful bowls. 🙂 <3

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