Pawbreakers – Product Review

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Trigg and Pawbreaker Catnip Ball
Trigg and Pawbreaker Catnip Ball

A few months ago we got a small box in the mail that had a very cool catnip toy surprise inside – Pawbreakers.

I had seen Pawbreakers before in a store but it had been a few years, so I asked if Charlie and Trigg might be able to try them out.

Pawbreakers are made of USA grown Organic Catnip that is molded into a 1.25 inch solid ball (over 1/2 ounce).

It’s one of those ideas that you think to yourself – why didn’t I think of that!  I love that this catnip cat treat is biodegradable and OK for your cats to eat.

Trigg and Pawbreakers
Trigg and Pawbreakers Catnip Ball

It’s a great sturdy ball that is great for rolling around especially on hardwood floors or tile floors.  I really love that it is a treat and a cat toy in one!

You can buy Pawbreakers through the Cat Connection in various quantities:

  • Pawbreakers 16pk $41.75 ($2.61/ea) – BEST BUY

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  • Pawbreakers 4pk $12.75 (3.18/ea)
  • Pawbreakers 8pk $22.25 ($2.85/ea)
  • Pawbreakers Single $3.25
  • Pawbreaker Plus – Single $3.25

These are also great cat treats to bring over to a friend that has a cat.

Here’s a video I snapped of Trigg playing with a Pawbreaker catnip ball:

Have your kitties tried Pawbreakers?  How did they like them?


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  1. The best loved toys around here go missing. It’s missing. 😉

    We got this for our cats a few years ago, and it was a hit. I actually forgot all about them until this post. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them!

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