Pawalla Cat Gift Box Review

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Pawalla Box September 2012In September we received a Pawalla cat gift box to review.

We have already reviewed, The Best Friend Box, which is a similar concept, but a bit different than Pawalla.

Pawalla Box

Pawalla includes a list of all the contents and also has a pet nutritionist on staff that picks items for the box based on the age, breed and species of your pet.

I love the idea of this cat gift box for a number of reasons:

  1. Pawalla makes a great gift for your cat lover or dog lover friend
  2. Pawalla  is a fun way to start your own product reviews!
  3. Pawalla is a fun way to interact with your kitties every month – and show them new things
  4. Pawalla is a great way to try new products, treats and foods for your kitty

To sign up for a Pawalla subscription, it’s quite simple:

  1. Choose a subscription plan
  2. Fill out your pet’s profile
  3. Wait for box to arrive every month

Here is the arrival video:

Here is the final review video (please excuse my mistake at the beginning of the video):

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