Panic Mouse’s Undercover Mouse Being Discontinued

Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat ToyI received an email this week from Panic Mouse, stating that they had sold their patents to another company – the new company will take over the patents and the Panic Mouse website on Jan 1 2013.

The new company will not be selling the Panic Mouse 360, KGK or Undercover Mouse units going forward. Instead, they will be launching their own versions of Panic Mouse’s patents in 2013.

However, for the rest of 2012 they are still in business and selling other product lines and will be shipping online orders through 2012. If your kitties love the Undercover Mouse as much as Caymus and Murphy do and Charlie and Trigg do (see videos below), I wanted to give you the heads up! They will pull the Undercover Mouse from their website when the stock is sold out.

I am bummed because this is one of the products that I recommend in A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide – grab yours while you can!

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