The Troubling Challenge: Navigating the Complexities of Assisting an Overweight Cat’s Weight Loss

It’s essential to try and keep your cat’s weight in a healthy range. Obesity can lead to many problems for kitties, including cardiovascular diseases and bone damage. Keep in mind that weight loss should be gradual and monitored closely by your veterinarian to ensure your cat’s health and well-being are maintained throughout the process. If your veterinarian has told you your cat needs to lose weight, here are some tips to help.

Try a Raw Food Diet

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A raw food diet is the best for a cat, so try switching your kitty to raw foods. They’ll get the proper nutrients they need without any of the filler that can cause weight gain.

Wand Toys

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Exercise is vital for cats to help them stay healthy, and a selection of toys will make exercise fun. Wand toys are a great choice because they get your cat running around and pouncing, and there are many options on the end of a wand to keep playtime varied.

Portion Control

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If your cat is overweight, then it may be that they’re overeating. In consultation with your veterinarian, gradually reduce how much your cat eats daily.

Remove Dry Food

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Dry food is not suitable for kitties – it is packed with grains they don’t need as part of their diet. A raw diet is best; otherwise, switch to wet food to help get your cat’s weight under control.

Limit the Snacks

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Sometimes it’s not mealtimes that are the problem, but all the regular snacks. Try to limit the number of treats you’re dishing out, or cut them out altogether if your cat is eating plenty during their normal meals.

Buy a Cat Wheel

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Cat wheels are just like giant hamster wheels – many cats love to get their zoomies out of their system on a big wheel, especially if you add toys to the experience to get them used to it.

Cat Towers

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A cat tower doubles up as an exercise tool and a comfy sleeping spot for your cat. Having something your cat has to climb will keep them active and give them some perching areas to enjoy.

Regular Weigh-Ins

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When trying to help your cat lose weight, you must regularly monitor them on the scales. Weigh them every 1-2 weeks to see how their weight changes and whether you need to adjust their lifestyle more.

Get Outdoors with a Catio

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Fresh air and new experiences are great triggers to get your cat feeling active. If they’re typically an indoor cat, get a catio so they can jump around outdoors without feeling unsafe.

Signs Your Cat is Overweight

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There are several signs that your cat may be overweight. They may be overweight if their belly is rounded and doesn’t tuck up behind the ribs or if you can’t feel the backbone or ribs easily without any fat cover.

Ignore Breed Standards

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Don’t take breed standards as gospel. For example, the breed standards for Ragdoll cats say that males can weigh between 15 and 20 lbs – but there are plenty of healthy Ragdolls under this weight and plenty within this range that are actually obese. Cats need to have the right weight for their frame.

Health Risks of Obesity

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It’s important to take action if your cat is overweight. Obesity triggers other conditions, including diabetes, urinary problems, and arthritis, due to the extra pressure on the joints. So make sure you help your cat if they are overweight.

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