Overview of Pet Bed Types from West Pet Design

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West Pet Design has four options when it comes to finding a comfy place for your kitty to nap. There is a style for every kind of napper and best of all these beds are made of organic and recycled/recyclable materials.

The Nature Nap Oval is a cushioned mat with a raised edge. This is good for the kitty who does not like to get in a bed. It is available in 6 colors.

West Paw Design Nature Nap Oval Cat Mat

The Zoo Rest Oval is another raised edge mat made of Faux Fur in zoo animal patterns. This mat is plush and filled with batting to make it thick and comfy. If your cat would like a soft, pillowy napping spot, this might be the one to try.

 West Paw Design Zoo Rest Oval Cat Mat

The Eco Nap is a rectangular cat bed made of a lightweight, yet thick cushion. While great for home, these mats are designed to fit inside crates and would make travel much more comfortable.

West Paw Design-Eco Nap Pet Mat - Extra Small

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The Big Sky Blanket is a comfy throw that comes in two sizes. They have a faux suade on one side and a satin type fabric on the other. Sure to both protect your furniture and please your sleeping beauty.

West Paw Design Big Sky Faux Suede Dog Blanket


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