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If you’re looking for an awesome gift for a cat lover, then you might be thinking of cat products. And what cat could be a better choice than their actual kitty?

With Woof Blankets, you can make customized blankets with your own pictures. These are more than simple prints on blankets. You can choose a professional design based on the picture, you can select a theme, and get the perfect blanket as a result.

Woofy Single Color Custom Pet Blanket

How It Works

Step 1 – Take a photo

The first step is taking a high-quality photo of the cat (or get one from your cat lover friend you’re buying the blanket for). The designers will use this to create the model for the blanket, which is why it needs to be in the highest quality you can provide.

Rest assured that you can use photos that you’ve taken with your phone, but make sure they are clear.

Step 2 – Upload your photo

You have to upload the photo of your cat (or your friend’s cat) for it to get to the Woof Blankets designers. They will need to use the file to work on the model for the blanket. You can choose the particularities of the model and they will create it according to your vision.

Step 3 – Get a personalized blanket

The Woof Blankets designers will work on the model you wanted and print the blanket with it. You will get a high-quality blanket personalized with a design of a picture of your cat.


At Woof Blankets, you have several options to choose from. Here are the main products they offer:

Woofy Single Color Custom Pet Blanket

Woofy Single Color Custom Dog Blanket

(Sorry for the dog photo – they didn’t have any cat ones).

This is a blanket that is printed with the model based on the picture you provide. First, you have to choose the size of the blanket. You can choose a 50×60 inch blanket or a 60×80 one. Then, you have to choose the background color. You have seven colors to choose from so that you get the best one for your home.

You can opt to have only the cat’s face on the blanket or their entire body. Then, you can also choose how many pets you want on the blanket. If you have two cats, then you can get a blanket with two portraits printed on it.

You can also choose to have some text printed on the blanket or leave it text free, and, finally, you can choose to receive the artwork file in high resolution alongside your blanket.

Custom Pet Photo Collage Blanket

Custom Pet Photo Collage Blanket

If you prefer a blanket with a photo collage, then you can get a personalized one with Woof Blankets. You upload your pictures, and then you choose the collage template for your blanket.

You also have to choose the size of the blanket – 30-40 inch, 50×60 inch, 60×80 inch – and the background color – you will have plenty of options. You can also select to add text if you want to.

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

If you want an out of the ordinary pet portrait, then you should take a look at the adorable models from Woof Blankets.

They will transform your cat into a Commander, a Crowned King, an Admiral, a Knight, a Prince or Princess, a King or Queen, and many others.

All you have to do is supply the photo and they will do the rest. You can choose between several canvas sizes – 8×10 inch, 12×16 inch, 16×20 inch, 24×36 inch.

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