Our Beautiful Girl – Mrs. Garfield

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Floppy catWe found Mrs. Garfield by chance. My husband and I were looking for a companion for our dachshund because he was lonely. We thought a cat would be a great addition to our family. I was looking on Craig’s List when I ran across an couple that were rehoming their 2 cats. I called them and went to meet the cats. Misses Garfield came right to me and started rubbing on my legs, I was told by her owners that they just really didn’t want the cats anymore, they didn’t have time for them, and were taking them to a shelter if they couldn’t find homes. I was amazed that they would just give up their animals that easily. I couldn’t leave Misses Garfield there, so off we went. She cried all the way home. But once we got home, she met my husband and settled in fairly quickly. Her and our dachshund became friends and now they play, and love on each other, she licks his head, and they kiss each other on the nose. She is such a beautiful cat, with a beautiful, loving spirit. Bringing her home was the best decision we made. I can’t understand how someone would just be able to give her up so easily, we could never give her up. She had some health problems last summer, and we thought we might lose her, but she has been doing so well. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She makes our family complete.

Kitty’s Name: Mrs. Garfield
Name: Julie Billings
Where: Kansas

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