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My family eats and lives as organically as possible and that includes our Bicolor Ragdoll whoYeowww Catnip Toy is named Sweets.  She has been with us for over a year now and she was and has continued to be an important part of the family.  We buy her completely organic food and treats, but buying toys used to be problematic.  Recently I found a place to buy cat toys online and the catnip inside these toys is completely organic.  I was sold immediately when I found out the catnip was grown organically.  I want our Sweets to be as health conscious as we are and this is just another way to do so.

Sweets was immediately given her new toy when it arrived and I swear she smiled to say thank you.  We bought her an apple stuffed with Yeowww Organic Catnip and as soon as it was tossed in her direction she pounced.  Sweets is always so laid back and to see her come to life so quickly was interesting to watch and hilarious to film when we managed to find the video camera.

Sweets has now accumulated several Yeowww Catnip Cat Toys and they continue to be the family favorite.

Manufacturer Duckyworld

You can buy Yeowww Catnip Cat Toys through The Cat Connection for $3.99 – $60.99 per set

Does your cat use Yeowww Catnip Cat Toys? How does he or she like it?

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