O.R.E. Cat Placemats – Shadow Cat; Comic Kitty; or Fish Bone Style

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The Cat Connection is here again to offer all cat owners and cat lovers these wonderful cat products

The Comic Kitty Placemat – celebrate the comedic nature of your kitty with this kitty caricature placemat from O.R.E.. There are two kinds to choose from: the first one is the Comic Kitty Black & Gray Placemat, this cat placemat product features six (6) different words (Sleepy, Naughty, Playful, Hungry, Happy and Crazy) repeated randomly across a non-toxic, wipe-clean, 12 x 18 inches BPA-free polypropylene pet placemat; the second design is the Comic Kitty Blue & Green Placemat which features six (6) different feline faces from the "Sleepy Kitty" to the "Crazy Kitty" face. These Comic Kitty Placemats are a great way to keep your floors clean and dry! Price: $5.99 each.

Comic Kitty Black & Gray Placemat Comic Kitty Blue & Green Placemat

Shadow Cat Placemat – new from O.R.E., the Shadow Pet Collection uses cool graphics and warm colors to create a decidedly unique look for the discerning pet owner. Made from non-toxic and BPA-free polypropylene, wipe clean. Measures 12" x 18".Available in colors Orange or Brown, this cat placemat will surely keep your floors away from any dirt! Price: $5.99 each.

Orange Shadow Cat Placemat Brown Shadow Cat Placemat

Fish Bone Placemat – the new, modernist Fish Bones Collection pet placemat from O.R.E. features a school of iconic fish shapes swimming across a wipe-clean, 12 x 18-inch polypropylene pet placemat. These pet placemats are designed to pair up with fish-shaped melamine bowls in cream, blue and green, which allows you to create a matching or contrasting pet feeding station you’ll be proud to have on display. Made from non-toxic and BPA-free polypropylene, wipe clean. Available in colors Brown, Aqua and Blue, measures 12" x 18". Price: $5.49 each.

Aqua Fish Bone Placemat Brown Fish Bone Placemat
Blue Fish Bone Placemat

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