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Caymus eating out of ModaPet Lemon Zest Pet BowlFirst published Jun 17, 2012, updated May 8, 2015

A BIG THANK YOU to Denali, Stormy and Dusty’s mom, Jerri, for putting together this list of online pet food deals as well as for searching for coupon codes to make the deals even sweeter!. If you know of additional online cat food deals, please include them in the comments section below.  I try to keep this list updated, but appreciate any input you have.

Jerri and I have been emailing for weeks about deals (because we’re buying the expensive canned cat food for our kitties and need to save $), but she is better about finding them than I am – so I asked her if she would be game to put together something for us. While I used to think the best deals could be acquired at Petco or Petsmart with coupons, I now believe that’s not the case because of tax on top of the cost of the food. Of course, if any of these online companies are located in your state or have a warehouse they ship from in your state, then you will probably be charged tax.

  1. – free shipping at $49. $4.95 flat rate for orders under $49. Get 10% off your first order from @mrchewy by using promo code: JENN7837 or 15% off first autoship order (you can cancel at anytime) – you could always do your first  order at 10% off and then use the 15% on the second one.  Sales tax in FL,NV,PA.
  2. – free shipping at $49. Sales tax in WA, KS, NY, NJ, and PA. (They are affiliated with 15% discount with code 15WAG. 20% discount with code WAGFOOD12 (until 9/30/12).  They also have 10% off World’s Best Cat Litter
  3. – free shipping at $49.99. 17% off for new customers with code NEW17. Like their Facebook page for future promo codes.  They normally have an automatic 10% off when you order $100 or more. They also have bird, bunny and some horse supplies. They are located in RI.
  4. -$10 off your FIRST purchase at PetFlow (min. orders $40+ for the coupon to fire) FLOPPY10. Free shipping at $59. Or free shipping at $49 with promo code FBFANS. Like their Facebook page for additional promo codes. Sales tax in NY, NJ and NV.
  5. Only Natural Pet Store – Order by the can!  Instead of the case – you can order by the can to see if your kitty likes it.  Based in Colorado, so sales tax in Colorado. 20% off your entire order with “HealthyPets20”
  6. – Save 10% on orders of $100 or more with code PFDSAVE10.  Free shipping on all orders $49+, use code SENDFREE.  New customers/first time orders get 15% off your first order of $79+, use code IMNEW
  7. – Free Shipping on Orders of $49 or more.  Excludes frozen items and deliveries to AK and HI.  New Customers use “WELCOMETO360” for 20% off $79+ order.

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  1. I was able to use the 10% discount at the same time as the 15% autoship discount at for my first order. It was a good deal!

    I think online ordering is great – the only disadvantage is if you’re trying a new food you’re not sure your cats will like – you might be stuck with a partial case if they don’t like it! if I can, I find single cans locally, and once I’m sure my boys will eat it reguarly, I order online by the case.

  2. I found “Real Food Toppers” (a delicious must-have freeze-dried meat meal enhancement for my “Buddy”) on A 2-pack (including shipping) is $28.94 which is about $3.00 less than I was paying at the store.

  3. I just made a large order from doggie I found the code WHYDRIVE20 online. It took 20 percent off my purchase. Gave me an excuse to order $100 more food for two cats. I spent about $415-but I think I am very well stocked with Weruva now. My cats loved the Cats in the Kitchen chicken and pumpkin soup. So I ordered many more kinds trying to stay away from the fish.

      1. I think there have been 25% off codes. I always check my emails and their Facebook for the most current codes.

  4. has been the best so far. I buy cases of soft Wellness for my kitties $15 per case less than at Petco. (Although I do find the cans come crushed or damaged many times.)

      1. Jenny, do you find the consistency of the Wellness is not consistent? Sometimes more gravy in the can, some times drier. I was told there are two distribution centers and that is why the difference. Seems like the stuff coming from the west is wetter…?

      2. Well, I only feed mine Wellness Selects – so it’s not a pate…they won’t eat the other kinds of Wellness.

  5. Thank you so very much, Jerri & Jenny! This List Is Awesome. I already use & a lot but I’ll also check into the other places as well!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarboo 🙂 <3

  6. Thanks for the info! I do have a question. I feed a mixture of wet and dry food but struggle with how much to feed them. I have a 12 year old Scottish Fold who had to have perneal urethostomy surgery three years ago because of a severe blockage. (I now call him my transgender kitty!). The vet has had him on dry SO diet for years. Scotty is a large cat, 13 lbs but not over weight. I also have two Ragdolls, one and two years old who are still growing. I feed dry in the morning and leave it down all day, then wet at night. How much can food should I feed them? Right now I’m giving both Ragdolls a 3 oz can and they eat like they are starving. Scotty only eats about a half of a can. Would it be better to change to all wet? I need to take into account Jazzy and Cruz are still growing and Scotty is older and has issues. It’s hard when there is such an age difference and their needs are different. I need help!

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for inquiring – honestly, I am a little taken back by the fact that the vet has a kitty that went through perneal urethostomy surgery on dry food. I understand it’s prescription based – but still the blockage came from dehydration (lack of flow, lack of movement from not enough moisture) and dry food will just cause more. Please read I am really opposed to dry food and if you read, written by a feline-focused vet, you’ll see what I mean.

      “Right now I’m giving both Ragdolls a 3 oz can and they eat like they are starving. ” – I think you’ll find that the starving is a result of the dry food – once my cats were on wet food only, we never had that starving problem or overweight issues again.

      I know that doesn’t answer your direct question – in fact, there’s no way for me to answer that because cat food cans depend on calories and amount of calories depends on the cats…and even if you told me their weight, I couldn’t help because I haven’t seen their body types.

      Do you have a feline-only vet in your area?

      I do think step 1 is to read to learn more about feline nutrition.

      I am all for a wet food only diet for my kitties – I would prefer they be on raw, but can’t get them to switch easily and don’t have the energy to do it now. I can’t tell you what to do as they aren’t my kitties, all I can do is provide info for education and then you’ll need to make the decision for your kitties and your needs (financial and time wise).


      1. Thank you for the information! After reading, I’m switching to all wet food. We actually have a vet appointment Monday for Scotty to get his shots and I will discuss with the vet. I don’t believe we have a feline-only vet in the area, but Scotty does see an internist/cardiologist annually for a heart murmur. She is very good so I’ll give her a call also. She helped my other Fold live over 10 years with severe heart disease and I trust her. Scotty will be the difficult one to switch but my Raggies won’t. Nothing but wet food from today. Again, thanks for the info and the great website. You do wonderful work getting information to all cat owners, not just Ragdoll owners. I hope to meet you in person one day soon. My parents live just south of St. Louis and maybe we can arrange a meeting between KC and STL. My love to you, Charlie, and Trigg!

      2. Hi Deborah,

        I am glad you found helpful – I know the first time I read it bells and whistles were going off for me. I do know/think a slower transition for dry food addicts is best – especially if their organs have already been compromised in some way. We did a slow transition for Charlie and Trigg.

        Be leary of people that say dry food is good for their teeth, so keep them on it for that – that is a myth…the only thing I know that works for teeth is whole prey raw food – where they eat the entire animal, bones and all.

        Glad the site is helpful for you! I don’t travel much, but love that you’d like to meet =).


      3. I’m starting to see the same “eating like they’re starving” thing with my kitty’s. They are a year and a half and are starting to eat less of the dry food. They have a drink well fountain so they get fresh running water all the time.

        My husband still thinks that feeding dry food all the time is fine but I’m reading and hearing all over, more and more that it’s not good for them at all. And my guys are definitely telling me they’re not ok with it anymore. And so ultimately I’m gonna feed them what they’ll eat.

        Right now they have special kitty canned from Walmart. I’d like to do something more healthy. I can’t read the ingredients on the cans but I imagine it has a lot of biproduct and preservatives that are not good for them. But the one thing I like about it is it has a lot of gravy and moisture, and my cats love that. They have trouble eating pates with very little gravy in them.

        If your transitioning from dry to wet what you could do is grind up the dry food and put it on top of wet food to hell intice them to eat the wet food till they’re transitioned. It’s kinda the same principle as using whole life tail mix in conjunction with the wet food.

        I have done some window shopping at some of these online stores but was a bit overwhelmed at which ones to get. So if anyone can suggest 2 or 3 different kinds or brands to try I would appreciate it. I want to see what they like before I get any large quantity for them.

        I know of at least 4 Walmart types they’ll eat. But again, no telling what’s in them.

        Thanks, Jenny for providing so much helpful information.

    2. I so agree with Jenny about the wet food.
      I had a kitty who died of nephritis of her tummy.
      She literally exploded while we were out of the house.
      By the time I got her to the vet it was too late.

      I honestly believe it was because my vet (at the time, no longer) put Emmy on dry Science Diet.
      She was impacted/blocked all the time.
      Cried when she tried to do her poopy.
      I am positive it was the dry food.

      I have learned the hard way.

      1. So sorry for your loss. I read the website and am switching to all wet food today. I’m just so surprised that all the vets don’t know this information. We just need to help Jenny get the information out to as many people as possible. Have faith your kitty is waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  7. Deborah, yes, Jenny is an invaluable resource for people owned by cats. And her Floppycat subscribers support her whenever they can. And Jenny is right, be leery of the hard food sell, even by vets. My vet insists on using Science Diet, which has been found to be very low in high nutrient values compared to Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc.

    1. Deborah, I forgot to ask you about Scotty’s heart condition. Is he on meds? Sounds like his heart murmur has stabilized. Is there anything special you do for his condition? Our guy Sebastian was just diagnosed with pretty advanced cardiomyopathy. I give him a diuretic pill and some other pill for his heart every day. And 1/2 aspirin every 3rd day.

  8. Have you ordered from Doggiefood recently? I have seen SEVERAL bad reviews on them lately and it has been enough to deter me from ordering there for cat food…

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