One of the Best Large Litter Scoops Around

Post Published on May 11, 2021 | Last Updated on May 11, 2021 by Jenny

I have never dreaded scooping the litter box – because I have a favorite litter scoop.  Say what?!

Yes, among many of my favorite cat products – the Litter-Lifter litter scoop is at the top of my list.  In fact, it is one of 3 items I gift to a new cat owner (if they’re a friend of mine).

Litter Lifter Litter Scoop


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Cat Litter Scoop

A cat litter scoop is a cat litter scoop is a cat litter scoop…right? Wrong. While it is true that there are superficial similarities between different brands of litter scoops, some litter scoops are designed for easier, more effective use.

Litter Lifter Peaked Blades
Litter Lifter Peaked (triangular) Blades

In my opinion, the Litter-Lifter is preferable to all competitors because of the triangular blades they use. It is truly one of the best cat products out there. Coupled with some of the best clumping cat litter, you could get the most pragmatic results.

What are the advantages of Litter-Lifter’s triangular blades?

If you’d rather watch than read about the perks of using Litter-Lifter scoops, see the blades in action.

Triangular blades make it easier for clean litter to fall through the blades on its own, reducing the amount of shaking that you’ll have to do to isolate the waste material for disposal.

Due to the fact that material easily pours through Litter Lifter’s triangular blades, it is easier to scoop and lift litter products because the total weight being lifted will be lower for the same amount of material in comparison to a conventional litter scoop.

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop (Colors May Vary)

Finally, the triangular blade design makes it easier to run the litter scoop through the box in order to assess how dirty your cat’s litter box actually is – you don’t have to worry as much about the scoop breaking clumped waste material apart and thus making it harder to dispose of.

Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop Magic Scoop

Purchase on Amazon.

When it comes down to it, wouldn’t you prefer to make cleaning your cat’s litter box as painless and effortless as possible? I’m willing to bet that the answer is yes.

If you want cleaning your cat’s litter box to be less of a chore, a Litter Lifter scoop will be a welcome addition to your toolkit.

Although the original Litter-Lifter is my very favorite, they do have several varieties.

Litter-Lifter scoops come in three varieties:

  • The original design
  • The Beamer (which notably boasts higher edges and an adorable cat image on it)
  • The Travel size (which is self-explanatory)
Litter Lifters and Trigg
Litter Lifters and Trigg

One of the key reasons that Litter-Lifter’s cat products are the best litter scoops to use is that they have peaked blades, which means that the blades have a triangular shape reminiscent of the roofs of some houses.

The advantage of the peaked blade design is that you don’t have to shake the scoop in order to clear out the litter; the litter easily falls out of its own accord, leaving you with the waste product that you wish to throw away. This way you get the most use when you purchase the best clumping cat litter. Other scoops will break apart even those.

Rather than being drab, purely functional items, Litter-Lifter scoops come in a variety of colors. In addition, as was mentioned before, the beamer model is adorned with a cute cat face.

While there’s a lot to recommend when it comes to the entire Litter Lifter line, the original design is, in my opinion, the best litter product to use as a scoop because it allows you to scoop up more material at one time. Watch Litter-Lifter scoops in action.

You can buy them on Amazon here .



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16 thoughts on “One of the Best Large Litter Scoops Around

  1. Bonnie says:

    i love Litter Lifters!!!! several years ago when i started pet sitting i bought a supply to give out to clients at the holidays. When i remodeled my bedrooms after the kids left home, i wanted color coordinated boxes and scoops. Chewy sends random colors but i finally got a purple one so the extras were gifted to clients that had lousy scoops. and i have a yellow one for the other room. by far and away the BEST scoop out there!!

    • Jenny says:

      Hey – there’s an idea – Litter Lifter could come out with a version that allows that to happen! If that scoop had triangular tines, then it would be golden

  2. Kate McTrusty says:

    I thing we got ours at our local Petco or Pet Supplies Plus. It was a couple of dollars more than the “basic” scoop, but well worth the difference. It works so much better and it’s much more sturdy! Definitely worth the small price difference.

  3. Lynn says:

    This is one of those items where you think “a litter scoop is a litter scoop” until you try the Litter Lifter. Makes it so much easier and efficient.

  4. Kate McTrusty says:

    I have to agree with Jenny’s review – the Litter Lifter scoops are awesome. We use the original design and it does a fantastic job. It’s nice and sturdy, and the pointed blades really do make a big difference. The clumps stay solid which makes them so much easier to clean up. They also help keep the scoop cleaner. They are definitely worth the investment!

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