Omega Paw Scratch and Massage Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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Ripple Board Scratch Massage BedThe Ripple Board Scratch 'n Massage Bed is a 2-in-1 cat bed that answers the necessity of cats to scratch, relax, and sleep.

This product is made with cardboard and Omega Paw's patented Ripple Board massage surface that provides a soothing paw massage every time a cat scratches.

The ripple board surface is treated with organic catnip oil that serves as an additional feature to catch the attention of a ragdoll cat, for an instance.

This bed scratcher is composed with 98% post consumer and diverted materials that provide a safe and environment friendly product for your bicolor Ragdoll.

The dimensions of this product are 16" L x 5.5" W x 17" H.

Get Omega Paw Scratch and Massage Cardboard Scratcher for $63.99.

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