Old Yeller Buffet by Pawcision

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Old Yeller Buffet by PawcisionOrganizing is easy when you have the right storage cabinet. This kind of storage cabinet can give you much more than just a place to keep your various cat products.

The Old Yeller Buffet by Pawcision can be the feeding area of your pets as it has with two bowls at the lowest level and another bowl at the top of the cabinet.

It provides a ready-made place for them so they can eat without moving the bowls around and your pet cat gets to eat on top. If you have pet dogs, while your cat is eating peacefully on top of the cabinet, the dogs can eat below. All these bowls can be tucked away when no longer in use. The Old Yeller Buffet is a unique cat furniture made with the finest of American craftsmanship. It is built to last and you have a wide range of birch wood stains to choose from.

There is enough space to place in the various cat products that you need for your pet and it helps you create their own special space for them. If you don’t have dogs but own a number of cats, you can facilitate their special feeding needs, placing the gourmet cat treats in one container, the wet food in another, and the water in another bowl. If you own a Ragdoll cat and have another pet cat, and their food requirements vary, you may be able to portion out the diet food for the older feline at the bottom and the regular cat food for the younger one on top. Organizing the things of your pets will make taking care of them a lot easier when you own an Old Yeller Buffet.

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