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Ogee - Floppycat of the Week OgeeOgee was my son’s cat while he was in college in Vermont. I loved his cat so much, with his super easy going personality, my son gifted him to me on Mother’s Day a few years ago. Ogee has proven his Ragamuffin ways as you can see in this picture, lounging around the house in a relaxed yoga style pose that makes you feel totally at peace. Very gently stroking his belly fur generates an appreciative sigh without waking the sleeping 18 pound giant.

Ogee lived with two of our housecats who did NOT have his friendly loving style – after all they were just ‘ordinary’ cats! Both of our cats did not want to play. Ogee loves to play like typical Rags who are really kittens well into their fourth and fifth years. Ogee was a lucky find for my son who got Ogee as a kitten from a local neighborhood litter. Thus, he is not a pure Rag, but I just had to get another cat for him to play with.

Ogee - Floppycat of the Week SLEEPING 3I scoured shelters and searched all over the Internet. I had to get another Ragamuffin and the closest I could find a breeder was Pennsylvania (we live in Massachusetts). Since then Ogee has a friend that is a true soulmate, our new kitty Pheebe, who has proven that these Floppycats are a wonder. I only have Ragamuffins but I have a dream where everyone owns their own Rags, who are the true living tranquilizers! I wanted to breed her, only to have more Rags to give to friends and family, but had second thoughts after Pheebe’s first heat. I still wish every cat lover could own a Ragdoll or Ragamuffin for the Floppycat experience. Pheebe, the kitten, and Ogee wrestle, chase each other at breakneck speeds and play hide and seek until they cannot keep going!

I confess to training Ogee and Pheebe to be leash cats who come to me to put on their harnesses like dogs and enjoy our garden with me as I hold the ends of two very long leads. I have planted several patches of catnip which they love to ‘hang out’ in. I also prefer the catnip patches to grass because it does not upset their stomach. When they eat grass, I know I will see it again, but not catnip. They have been doing this all summer and let me know when it is time to go inside. Lots of people compare these unique cats to dogs, but I would only add they are great companions like dogs, but have a cat’s respect for space and are really loving. I don’t know if anyone has written about how different the Rag personality is, but every day I live with and love my two Floppycats, I am inspired by their level of understanding with situations they cannot control and adjust accordingly. They truly trust their owners. Never in my 60+ years and my history owning ordinary cats, have I had any of my previous ordinary cats respond to ‘no’ or ‘uh-oh’, but my two Rags definitely know that these two gentle commands mean they have to stop and danger awaits if they go much further. They are truly the Buddha of the animal world with their patience, tolerance and peaceful loving attitude.

Ogee - Floppycat of the Week OGEE AND PHEEBE

Ogee - Floppycat of the Week catzilla village

Ogee - Floppycat of the Week pheebe dollhouse

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Ogee and Pheebe are gorgeous! I don’t really know the difference between Ragamuffins and Ragdolls, but it seems your darlings’ personalities are like those of the Ragdoll boys I had (gentle, playful and very loving). I wish for another Raggie someday… and I wish you a lifetime of joy with yours! 🙂

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Ogee’s story with us. What a lovely story it is, too! So glad you are so happy with your Floppycats! Ogee and Pheebe are adorable! So beautiful! I lurve the pics with all the relaxed poses. I think my very favorite pic of Ogee is where is stretched among The Christmas Village display. That picture is PRICELESS!!!! And the picture of Pheebe peeking out through the window in the blue playhouse is adorable! You are so very lucky to have these amazing kittehs in your life! So happy for all of you!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. ogee reminds me of my big black and white. and i love your story and agree about what you said about them seeming to understand more. mine is like that. i have 3 cats and the others are a grey tabby and an orange tabby and those two will get into it because the grey tabbly likes to go up to the orange tabby.. lick his face and then bites his ears. this happens a lot in the morning when they first get up and are trying to get me up. i have witnessed several times now where my black and white (i know he is rag something) will walk between them (very calmly and peacefully) to keep them from fighting. at first i thought it was a fluke but i’ve seen it too many times now. i’ve never had such a wonderful, sweet cat. i love them all dearly but there is something truly special about my “big cat”. thanks for sharing your story and your beautiful photos.

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