October 2010 Monthly Giveaway: Cat Scratch Furniture

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Your feline pet is absolutely going to love the our October giveaway! It’s made by Imperial Cat a company that has made unique cat furniture since 1986.  Their cat furniture guarantee is that “Cats love ‘em!” and since ever single product undergoes rigorous testing by their cats before hitting the production line, you can ensure that their cat products are of high quality. 

October 2010 Monthly Giveaway: Cat Scratch FurnitureThis October, you have the chance to win the Relax-A-Cat Scratcher & Lounger courtesy of Imperial Cat. The large scratching surface is made from natural material and provides a bigger surface that most other cats scratching furniture for your pet to dig their claws into. When you have this in your home, it will prevent your pet from scratching the other pieces of furniture. It sleek and modern, a wonderful addition to any home and this is your chance to win it. 
To be able to get a chance to win the Relax-A-Cat Scratcher & Lounger, subscribe to our e-mail updates. If you have already subscribed, you are automatically entered. To have an extra chance to win this, you can leave a comment to say why your cat should be the one to win this month’s giveaway.

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