O-Cedar ProMist – Makes Your Life Easier and Gives You A House Free Of Cat Hair

Post Published on December 13, 2010 | Last Updated on December 13, 2010 by Jenny

The Cat Channel has made some great choices with regards to cat products, be it for grooming, cat playpens, cat toys, beds for cats, cat climbers, cat tree houses, cat scratchO-Cedar ProMist Cleanering poles, cat treats and many more.

And one of the best they’ve chosen is the O-Cedar ProMist Cleaner. It is the best cleaning product to be used if your having problems with cleaning the house with lots of cat hair.

Here are the features and benefits of O-Cedar’s ProMist Cleaner:

  • It is Bucket-free – The refillable bottle lets you wet clean the floor without using a bucket.
  • It makes use of a Refillable Bottle – You can use whatever cleaning solution you prefer – including just water. It can be safely used on vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, wood, laminate, marble and some stone floors.
  • Designed with Microfiber Pads – The Microfiber Pad is machine washable, it can lift up, trap dirt/dust/moisture and grime for a thorough clean. Pad extends beyond the base to protect any home furnitures and get into corners. The pads can be washable up to a hundred (100) times!
  • Ergonomically designed – Handle and trigger provides optimal comfort while mid-grip offers stress-free leverage for deep scrubbing.

*You might also be interested in O-Cedar’s Disposable Microfiber Pads, which can be washed or tossed!

O-Cedar ProMist Cleaner    O-Cedar ProMist Cleaner   O-Cedar ProMist Cleaner

O-Cedar ProMist Cleaner 2010 Editor's Choice

Here is the suggested retail pricing:

  • ProMist System $21.99
  • ProMist semi-disposable cloths $7.99
  • ProMist durable cloths $8.99

You can have a fresh, convenient and thorough clean every time!

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