NVR Miss Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

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NVR Miss Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports BackI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love, love, love when giveaway winners report back and include a testimonial and photos of their experience with the product they won.  Thank you to Jill for reporting back after winning the NVR Miss Litterbox Giveaway.

Thank you so much for the NVR Miss Litterbox December giveaway! I received two litterboxes as my prize and I have been thrilled with them. I own three cats–two 8 year old girls and my 7 month old male Ragdoll Kerby. Even though I had not really had any litterbox issues I had been wanting to purchase an additional one since Kerby’s arrival. It can be overwhelming to even choose a litterbox when looking online so I was excited to win the giveaway and try this model.     

NVR Miss Litterbox ReviewSince the start Kerby has been a digger. He especially likes to paw at the sides of the litterbox so he seems very happy with the higher walls of the NVR Miss. At first, I was somewhat concerned that the dropped side would mean lots of litter making its way out. NVR Miss made sure this isn’t an issue. They designed the box so that it is bigger lengthwise and the cat naturally positions itself that direction to prevent litter (or waste) escaping. In fact, I have noticed less litter outside the box because they can now step out instead of jumping over the sides of the other boxes. I have also noticed that Kerby has been doing a better job of covering his waste. He would always spend lots of time scratching after going but would rarely manage to cover the spot. I think this has improved because of the larger size of the box. The other boxes were fairly good size but even just an extra few inches has made a wonderful difference.

When I introduced the new litter boxes I made sure all the boxes had fresh litter so that I could see which ones they were favoring. The girls have not really shown a true preference. Kerby, however, has been using the NVR Miss ones exclusively. He is already 9Ibs so I think he appreciates the larger size and I believe he will have plenty of room to grow.

Thank you Floppy Cats and NVR Miss for providing the products for the giveaway. I was thrilled to be a winner and Kerby is one satisfied kitten!

NVR Miss Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back (2)

You can buy a NVR Miss Litterbox through their website here or through the Cat Connection in Dallas.

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