Nuzzle: A GPS Tracking Pet Collar, App and Insurance

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Nuzzle: A GPS Tracking Pet Collar, App and Insurance

Nuzzle A GPS Tracking Pet Collar App and Insurance (3)This post is sponsored by Nuzzle

Nuzzle was started by a group of pet lovers and tech enthusiasts with a mission to keep all pets safe, healthy, and happy. The Nuzzle team put together a whole Nuzzle package that includes GPS tracking collar, a smartphone app, and a free trial of pet insurance.

With Nuzzle, all of your pet’s information is in one place. The GPS tracking collar sends real-time updates to your smartphone app, so you can see what your cat or dog is doing when you’re not around. Nuzzle provides an extra safety blanket for pet owners with mobile-optimized pet insurance. Now, you can have all your insurance information in your pocket, so you can use it when you need it most.

The Nuzzle Collar

Nuzzle A GPS Tracking Pet Collar App and InsuranceThe Nuzzle collar tracks your pet’s location using GPS and cellular connectivity. If your pet ever decides to wander off, you’ll always be able to find them with the Nuzzle collar.

The Nuzzle collar is pretty light, weighing a few ounces, waterproof, and made of durable nylon. The construction is mostly high impact plastics to keep the weight low and make it more durable! A GPS tracker is contained in a separate rubberized attachment that can be secured to your personal collars and harnesses. With a removable battery and 2 additional batteries, you can easily charge the battery without ever having to remove the collar from your furry best friend. The collar is convenient and easy to use, always with pet safety in mind.

The Nuzzle App

The Nuzzle app offers various smart features.

  • Geofence. Create a geo-fence in your map, so you can send automatic alerts to your phone when your pet has wandered too far.
  • Activity Monitor. Know how active your pet is while you’re away, whether they’re running, walking, or laying around.
  • Impact detection. Get notified when the Nuzzle collar has been hit hard.

The Nuzzle Pet Insurance

With Nuzzle insurance, all your pet’s information is accessible via the Nuzzle app, so you know you’re covered the moment you need it. With Nuzzle pet insurance, you and your pet will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Nuzzle IndieGogo Campaign

Nuzzle will be launching their IndieGogo campaign on October 22nd. Sign up to receive updates on their progress at Also be sure to check out Nuzzle’s Facebook pageWorld’s Best Cat Litter for promotions and giveaways they run.

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  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Absolutely a brilliant invention! Wow! Impressive. I’ll go checkout their website and FB page. Thank you so much for this information, Jenny!!!

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