New From KATRIS: Shred-Resistant Cat Scratchers KATRIS Lynks

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KATRIS Lynks: Adding Fun and Functionality to Cat Furniture

KATRIS Shred-Resistant Cat Scratchers KATRIS Lynks cat scratching

The shred remnants of cardboard cat scratchers can be one of the undesirable things about cardboard cat scratchers. KATRIS™, the Paper manufacturer brand, has come out with a new, longer lasting, modular, shred-resistant cat scratchers pair, called KATRIS Lynks.

KATRIS products put an innovative and ‘green’ twist on ordinary cat furniture.  KATRIS has designed a more durable, eco-friendly, modular cat furniture collection that are “made to fit together like a family” says founder and CEO Jeff Lin.


KATRIS Lynks are only slightly bigger than most regular cat scratchers, but more powerful in durability, shred-resistant material, and functionality. They are made from heavy-duty paper with stronger flutes and liners (which make up the cardboard structure) than any other cat scratcher brand on the market. In tests, KATRIS Lynks were able to withstand more weight (easily holding over 200 pounds), more scratching-force, and produced significantly less amounts of shredding than other cat furniture.

KATRIS Lynks are modular, so they can be placed and rearranged in many different combinations and builds – either on their own, or in combination with KATRIS blocks (which we have previously reviewed here). KATRIS Lynks’ superior materials and craftsmanship allow them to last longer than any other scratchers, while at the same time offering more opportunities for use. KATRIS Lynks have real wood covers on their sides, making them look stylish and desirable for consumers’ homes, as well as protecting the pads from wear and tear.

KATRIS Shred-Resistant Cat Scratchers KATRIS Lynks shapes

KATRIS Lynks are available for purchase on KATRIS ’s website and for resale in select pet retail stores starting the middle of August 2016.

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PreOrder KATRIS Lynks and Help Stop Declawing

KATRIS has partnered with the Paw Project to donate 3% of the pre-order proceeds to support anti-declawing.

KATRIS Lynks Preorder

KATRIS Lynks will be sold at an exclusive 10% discount price through a 3-week pre-order starting July 25th, 2016. They will be available for purchase on Amazon and select pet retailers starting August 16th, 2016.

KATRIS Shred-Resistant Cat Scratchers KATRIS Lynks

What do you think of the KATRIS Lynks? Will you be taking advantage of the exclusive 10% discount price?

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  1. Pawesome post, Jenny! Thanks for this great info about this new product from Katris. These look really cool and stylish. Lurve how they always make their schtuff so modular so you can change it up for your kitteh! Definitely will have to add these to my Kitteh Wish List. Can’t afford to pre-order right now but I do really appreciate the fact that they are donating 3% of their pre-order proceeds for the anti-declawing movement. Very cool! 🙂

    I hope you’ll be able to do a product review on these in the future!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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