New Cat Products: Pets-on-the-Go Food Dish

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There are a lot of pet owners travel a lot and enjoy bringing their cats with them, but is rather difficult having to lug around a stock of disposable bowls for them and sometimes they might get thirsty and there is no way they can get to have a drink of water.

Nifty Pets-on-the-Go Food DishFortunately for cats and pet owners too, there is the Nifty Pets-on-the-Go Food Dish. It is made from stainless steel and comes with a carrying frame so it’s much more convenient to put the items all together. There are bowl covers to make sure no dirt gets in the bowls, and these bowls fold up. There is even an attachable pouch for a water bottle so you have a water source when your pet needs it.
Highly-durable, the Pets-on-the-Go Food Dish may be one of the most practical cat products to bring along when go on an excursion with your pet.

It’s always a problem when your pets are hungry and you don’t know what they can use to eat from, so it’s a good thing to get them this so that you will have a ready-to-go pet food container travelling set. A lot of major concerns of having a pet are solved by many of the new cat products. When you go on a trip, bring along enough cat snacks and gourmet cat treats. If you cat is on a special diet, make sure to bring enough of the food that they should eat.

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