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Hercules, a Ragdoll Rescue
Hercules, a Ragdoll Rescue

If you’re part of our Facebook community, then you were privy to learning about Hercules, An 18-year old Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat that was dumped at a kill shelter because his owners could no longer afford his food and litter.

MeLinda Hughes at Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue was the one that told me about Hercules.

MeLinda’s Ragdoll Rescue does so much to help kitties in shelters or to help people that need to rehome their kitties.

Recently, Susan from Atlanta contacted me via e-mail wanting to know about Ragdoll Rescues in Atlanta.  I told her the only rescue I knew closest to her was Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue.  So she contacted MeLinda and MeLinda turned her onto another rescue in Atlanta – Atlanta Persian and Siamese Rescue.

MeLinda also suggested that Susan check out Siamese Rescue as they will often have Ragdoll rescues and will ship to Atlanta.

So now Susan is on her way to finding a Ragdoll to rescue in her home town.

Hercules was later adopted – and we’re not sure if it was because of our efforts or not – but it doesn’t matter!

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Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue could use your donations though!  They need volunteers, beds, food, litter, photographers and more.  Please check out their Ragdoll Rescue wish list!

When I asked MeLinda her wishes, she said:

“They can also send funds directly to our vet:
Ennis Vet Clinic (972) 875-2647 · 3101 N Kaufman St, Ennis, TX 75119
We actually need funds donated for Sweet Pea, who will need full vetting at my regular vet, rather than our low cost spay clinic, due to her heart murmur. She has an appointment next Wednesday for a full check-up.

We always need food (Innova EVO, Felidae Graine-Free from Petfooddirect), any kind of cat litter. We are good on beds and towels.”

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  1. I live a little north of Atlanta, and would love to volunteer to help a rescue group. I’m going to contact the group you mentioned, but if you here of any others let me know.

  2. Lynn:
    I know that Atlanta has numerous cat rescue groups. You might want to do a search on petfinder and don’t overlook to look for potential groups. Virginia Siamese Rescue might also have fosters in your area. You can find them at

    I urge you and everyone on the group to help out with your local rescues and shelters. You don’t have to foster, though fosters are always appreciated, especially during kitten season (from March through October and even December in warmer climates like ours). You can volunteer to do networking (facebook pages and blogs like Jenny’s really bring rescues and shelters a lot of attention and rescuers and shelter workers often don’t have time to do the networking), simple fundraising, volunteer and rescue coordinating (most of these are still unpaid positions at shelters), and transporting. Transporting is a major issue with gas prices as they are now. Now, we need to break transports into much more manageable lengths due to prices. Any help you can give your local shelters and rescues is always appreciated.

    Donations of food, litter, treats, toys (even homemade ones), beds (always necessary at shelters where cats are often kept in cages; these can even be made from cuptowels and/or crocheted like doilies), and towels can make a difference between a cat sleeping on a cold metal cage floor and a nice warm bed.

    Donations of any kind, small or large, can be made to local vet clinics (we find this really helpful since people know their money goes straight for vet care), gift cards to major Petstores, and even gift cards to Wal-mart and local feed stores can make a big difference for rescues and shelters.

    Please share your stories with us. Like Jenny, we have our own facebook page at Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue.

    Good luck.


  3. How sad for any animal to end up at a shelter but particularly so for the older guys and gals. I can’t imagine what would cause someone to do this with a companion animal. I’d be dumpster diving or whatever it takes to take care of my loved ones.

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