Nekochan to Promote and Support the Innovative ‘Enrichment Team’ of the St. Francis Animal Rescue

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Last March 11, 2011 in Blaine, WA, Nekochan donated $1,300 worth of its award-winning Neko Flies Interactive Cat Toys to the St. Francis Animal Rescue Center in order to enhance the shelter’s successful socialization program called the ‘Enrichment Team’.
The so-called ‘Enrichment Team’ is composed of pre-teens and teens from local schools who volunteers to spend time every week to take care of 3-4 cats that needed utmost social skills to become more adoptable to the adopting families. At the same time, the young volunteers also gets the chance to learn compassion, take responsibility and simply for being part of this big difference they are making not only for the cats but also for the adopting families.

Nekochan chose St. Francis Animal Rescue to be their recipient since both organizations have almost the same mission and vision. St. Francis was founded in 1992 by a group of women who has the passion of helping out feral cats and into becoming a non-profit organization a year later. In 1996, St. Francis purchased a property to be able to accommodate cageless shelter/adoption center and a thrift store. The non-profit organization is a volunteer run organization that cares for lifetime resident cats, adoptable cats, kittens and foster cats in the community.

Nekochan noticed St. Francis’ dedication to help aid homeless cats have been very impressive and became more stronger as time passes by. Nekochan’s President Ellen Tsuyuki really hopes that the number of cats adopted at St. Francis would largely increase giving the benefit of having a loving home and with all the donated toys. Nekochan believes that this E-Team inspirational program should be a model one for many other shelters all throughout the world. Nekochan will be spreading the word at the up upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida March 16-18, 2011.

"Thank you for taking an interest in St. Francis.  It would be wonderful to incorporate your awesome toys into our Program.  They would certainly be a valuable addition to our E-Team tools" said Amy Berke, E-Team 
You can find out more about St. Francis Animal Rescue or find out how you can help at

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