Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug Cat Wand Toy Product Review

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Neko Telecoping Rod Plus Neko BirbugWhen Ellen of Neko Chan, creator of the Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug, contacted me to tell me she had come out with a new product and did I want to review it – of course, the answer was yes!  We have reviewed Neko Chan’s cat wand toys, Neko Flies as well as their new Neko Nappers – and they have all been a hit.

The Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug is a new high end wand toy with a 5” cork handle – the Birbug toy glides and the graphite telescoping rod can be used in different lengths and you can also adjust the string length.  The rod starts at 18″ and can expand to 32″ – it’s great for travel too because it fits into a 20″ suitcase and you can clip Neko Flies attachments to it as well.

The Neko Birbug cat wand attachment is approximately 4″ x 6.25″ x .25″.  It is a “bird-bug” – meaning that it has feathers, iridescent wings, dangly legs and is made of colors kitties can see – it’s a combo of bird and a bug.

I do recommend putting the Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug up and away when you aren’t playing with it with your kitties.

To say this was a hit would be an understatment.  The BirBug is really well made and quite chunkier than the Neko Flies attachments.  The telescoping rod is also awesome because it reduces down for easy storage.

You can buy the Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug combo together or just the Neko Birbug attachment by itself – it will hook onto the Neko Flies rod.

As you can see in our arrival video, Charlie and Trigg loved it immediately:

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Here is our final review video:

I also took it to my parents’ house to do some videos with Caymus and Murphy and they too loved it:

Ragdoll Cat Caymus with Neko Flies BirBug

We received the Neko Telecoping Rod and Neko Birbug for review from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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  1. O-M-G! Awesome product and great review! Lurved the videos (as always)! Thanks so much for this review, Jenny.

    I’m getting one of these for Miss Pink Sugarcookie next payday. She’s going to LURVE IT SO MUCH!!!! A new “fishy pole” (which is what we call the wand toys and she goes crazy if I ask her “Do you want to play fishy pole?” and then she’ll run to the closet where we keep the wand toys.) So cute! 🙂

    Big hugs & Merry Christmas!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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