Neko Flies Ultimate Rod Cat Wand Toy Arrives for Review!

Post Published on October 26, 2017 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

We are getting a crazy amount of products to review lately…and here’s another great one that the cats will really enjoy!

Neko Flies has come out with a new and improved cat wand rod – the Ultimate Rod!

It’s no wonder that the cats loved this package – they always love the products that Neko Flies make.

You can buy Neko Flies on Amazon.


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2 thoughts on “Neko Flies Ultimate Rod Cat Wand Toy Arrives for Review!

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Wow! Another great product review arrival video & post, Jenny! You are just crazy busy, indeed, with these awesome product reviews! Lurve the Neko products so much! Great video with Chiggy and Charlie doin’ Their Thang!!! Gotta lurve Charlie trotting off with the kittenator in his mouth and dropping it in his treat bowl! Sooo freakin’ adorable and cute! And Chiggy is still so very athletic chasing the birbug around through the air and on the floor! He’ll lose the few extra pounds in no time! (Chiggy, I would never even have noticed you were sporting a few extra pounds if your momma hadn’t mentioned it…) 🙂 <3

    This awesome rod and attachments is definitely on my Christmas Wish List for our Miss PSB. She lurves her "fishy poles" (wand toys)! She can never get enough of them when I bring them out for play. I ask her if she wants to play "fishy pole" and she zooms straight to the hall closet (where they are kept) and meows as if to say "Do I want my fishy pole time? You bet I do, Momma! Get over her and bring it out NOW!" 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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