Neko Flies Small Kittenator Review

Post Published on December 4, 2012 | Last Updated on February 28, 2013 by Jenny

Neko Flies - Small Kittenator - Interchangeable ToyAll hail to Neko Flies.  Seriously.  Neko Flies interactive cat toys have saved my life more than once – and has provided the cats with endless hours of exercise that they enjoy.  Not to mention laughs that I so enjoy! asked us if we would be interested in reviewing the Neko Flies Small Kittenator and of course we were interested!

Neko Flies - Small Kittenator - Interchangeable ToyEllen, the creator of Neko Flies, wanted to have a cat wand toy that didn’t break after a few uses.  She definitely accomplished that goal.

I love Neko Flies and therefore that’s why I recommend them in A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide.

I also added them to our Holiday Gift Guide this year.

Here is our arrival video, and they just loved it:

Be sure to note the difference in the mouse (small kittenator) in the arrival video and in the final review.  I didn’t remember to put it away in a drawer, and Charlie had a ball tearing it a part – as I state in the video below, it reminds me of my mom and her German Shepherds with tennis balls.  If she plays with the tennis ball with them and then puts it away until the next time, it lasts much longer than if she leaves the dogs to chew away and tear apart the tennis ball.

So I definitely recommend keeping your Neko Flies out of your kitty’s reach unless you are playing with them with it.

Here is our final review video – you can see how much Trigg and Charlie like it (try to watch it all the way through because Charlie at the end of the video is like a flying squirrel):

You can buy Neko Flies cat wand toys on – they range from $9.99-$14.99 depending on the attachment and whether or not a rod comes with an attachment.

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