Neko Flies Funniest Video Contest

Post Published on September 23, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Neko Flies LogoYou might remember reading our reviews about neko flies and mini neko flies – they are great cat wand toys to enterain your kitty.  Hands down, the neko flies large kittenator toy is Charlie’s favorite cat toy!

They’re now doing something really fun and funny!  Check out the NEKO FLIES INTERACTIVE CAT TOYS FUNNIEST VIDEO CONTEST 2010.

Neko Flies Kragonfly Attachment
Neko Flies Kragonfly Attachment

Here’s how to enter:

  1. make a funny video of you and your cat(s) playing with neko flies toys
  2. post your video on YouTube and include the name ‘Neko Flies’ somewhere in the title of the YouTube video.
  3. e-mail the link to your YouTube video to


1st PRIZE: Kragonfly with rod and 4 additional attachments (Katarantula, Kittycada, Small Kittenator, Large Kittenator) and 1 Mini neko flies, PLUS $500 DONATION of neko flies toys to the winner’s favorite cat shelter

2nd PRIZE: Kragonfly with rod and Large Kittenator attachment

3rd PRIZE: Kragonfly with rod

HURRY!  The funniest video contest ends October 15, 2010!!

This contest is being run by Neko Flies, if you enter it – please feel free to share a link to your YouTube video in the comments section below.

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