Neko Flies Cat Toys Review – Foxifur Kittenator and Kattipede

Post Published on February 5, 2013 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg with Neko Flies Cat Toy KattipedeI love Neko Flies and you know that if you have followed my site for any amount of time.  So when Neko Flies contacts me and says, “Hey, we have some new attachments – want to review them?”  Of course, I do!

We were sent the Foxifur Kittenator and Kattipede Neko Flies Cat Toys to review.

The Foxifur Kittenator is a mouse that has faux fur (Neko Flies used to have a small and large kittenator made of real fur – but the cost of the raw materials became too expensive to be able to offer the completed product as a reasonable cost) and the Kattipede is a colorful “centipede”.  Neko Flies are made to immitate things that cats like to chase the most – bugs and mice!

The kattipede cat toy and the foxifur kittenator cat toy each sell for $11 on Neko Flies website.  Both come with a 41″ long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod.

So, turns out, I still love Neko Flies.  Love these new attachments and so do Trigg and Charlie.  Seriously, I wonder what Neko Flies attachment they wouldn’t like – seems like they like them all…especially if that swivel clip is going around in circles!

I love that they are well-made, classy and help kitties from being destructive…and obese!

Here is our arrival video:

And our final review video:

Do you have Neko Flies?  What is your cat’s favorite attachment?

We received the Neko Flies from the manufacturer. Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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2 thoughts on “Neko Flies Cat Toys Review – Foxifur Kittenator and Kattipede

  1. Mary says:

    After reading your review, I ordered the Kittenator. My 2 Ragdolls went NUTS for it! So I ordered the entire Critter Pack. I always appreciate thoughtful product design and these toys really impress me. Someone gave a lot of attention to the problems with typical rod toys, and set out to solve them all. The rod is strong, the attachment point is great, the ability to swap out toys is unique, the log cord means I don’t have to bend over, or can sit & play with them. The cord isn’t elastic, so my cats have not chewed through it yet. All in all, a well designed, well produced cat toy. Worth the price, in my opinion.

  2. Marilia says:

    Wow! My kittehs claim for Neko Flies Kattipede and Foxifur Kittenator!!!! Hahahaha!
    I love the videos and the reviews!!!!!
    Thanks to share!

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