Neko Flies – Interactive Cat Toys Received For A Product Review!

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Interactive Cat ToysEllen from Neko Flies contacted us about doing a product review of their interactive cat toys for the site.  When I took a look at the Neko Flies, I was immediately game for the proposal because I knew Trigg would enjoy them.  However, even when I am not sure Charlie and Trigg might or might not like a product, I usually take it to see how they will react – only, of course, if it is safe for them!

The Neko Flies are really neat – it seems to be based off of the idea of Fly Fishing – where there is a pole and then various interchangeable toys that you can change out.

The Cat Fancy Editors’ chose the Neko Flies in 2009 for their international award!  You can buy Neko Flies toys on their website.

Here are some videos I captured of Charlie and Trigg enjoying the Neko Flies feather cat toys.


What’s also neat about Neko Flies is that they have just announced a charitable initiative where they donate a portion of their sales to support organizations that bring positive changes to enhance the quality of life of cats and dogs that need our help the most.

We will be featuring our product review of the Neko Flies in a few weeks – you can double check to see if it has been posted by visiting our website and checking out our product reviews.

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